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Guest Post: Experienced Discrimination in Sydney

Welcome to the first shared story of discrimination while travelling. When I read Rakiya story I totally emphasised because I myself went through a similar account when I travelled to Australia. I will have to save that story for another day, for now, please take the time to read: Have you ever experienced Discrimination While Travelling: Sydney


After a 14-hour flight, I knew this was going to be the start to a great vacation. I always say, “long flights lead to beautiful destinations.” However, this time I was greatly mistaken. I had the worst experience with Sydney customs.


I felt they were racially profiling my boyfriend and I because we were the only people of colour. They pulled us away as soon as we grabbed our luggage took us to a private search looking through all our bags piece by piece. I wasn’t offended with the search of the luggage more so of the questions they asked my boyfriend and me. They asked questions like much money do you make a year, have you done any drugs recently such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin, can you afford your stay here? After asking those questions of course I had an attitude with them. I felt those questions were inappropriate, and not what I am typically used to going through customs.


I do believe Sydney customs are racists. As they checked our bags they noticed there was nothing illegal or questionable. This was the worst customs experience ever! So, please be aware of the customs in Sydney.

If you would like to read more of Rakiya story then please have a look at her website – The Sights of Sydney.

You may already know that I have now opened my blog to share other stories of discrimination while travelling. If you would like your account to be shared, please follow the link – Have you ever experienced discrimination?

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