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6 Amazing Things To Do In Italy, Milian

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Milan is a city in northern Italy, the capital of Lombardy, and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome. I did a cheeky weekend getaway with one of my best girls to Milian a few years ago.   

6 Amazing Things To Do In Italy, Milian

We arrived in Milan on a Friday ready for the weekend using Alitalia airlines. This airline was good because it allowed us to purchases cheaper tickets – being under 27 at the time. Worth having a look at their deals.

The hotel we stayed in was called Glam Milano and was pretty decent for the two nights we stayed in Milian. Below I have noted a few things you can get done in a weekend away in Italy, Milan.  

1.Sempione Park  

During the day we went to a beautiful park, called Sempione Park. I fell in love!

2.Terrazza Boscolo  

My friend suggested heading over for a drink and some food. Terrazza Boscolo is up on a roof terrace. Here you will be able to feel the wind in your hair and capture a view of the famous Milan Cathedral.  

italy milan

We were welcomed with a warm welcome and friendly service. Grab yourself an Aperol spritz and tuck into a few canapes.  

Aperol spritz and tuck into a few canapes.

3. Museo Nazionale Della Scienza e Della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci  

Head over to the largest science museum in Italy.  Here you will see so much art.  

Italy musem

4. Duomo di Milano  

Milan Cathedral is the cathedral church of Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Dedicated to the Nativity of St Mary, it is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan, currently Archbishop Mario Delpini. The cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete!!  

duomo di milano

5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II  

Italy is renowned for its shopping

You have to go to the most famous shopping mall! Italy is renowned for its shopping!  The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is Italy’s oldest active shopping mall and a major landmark of Milan, Italy.  


6. Take a Trip to Lake Como x  

Lake Como is in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, it’s an upscale resort area known for dramatic scenery.   It’s about two hours drive from Milan and is worth going for a late dinner.  

Italy trips

Hope you enjoyed my six amazing things to do in Italy, Milian. If you would like to keep up to date with my blog posts then don’t forget to subscribe.

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Guest Feature: How To Plan A Day Trip

Welcome to my first guest feature with TravelEatSlay! Today we are going to be finding out from the Queen of days trips how exactly to plan for a day trip! Last year I did a day trip with TravelEatSlay in Copenhagen, Prague, Bologna and Gdansk. I have to say I enjoyed every single one of the day visits! Read on to find out all you need to know on planning a day trip!

What made you consider taking a day trip?

You can say my first-day trip happened by accident. It was the summer of 2018 right after I quit my job to pursue and develop the TravelEatSlay brand and do some travelling. Soon after I went to Cuba and then Morocco and honestly my wallet took a hit so I had to calm down but the itch to travel was still there.

Plan a day trip

While browsing for flights I noticed a flight to Cologne, Germany for £20 return. This was the beginning of TravelEatSlay Day Trips.

How do you plan for a day trip?

Plan A Day Trip Bologna

Day trips are fun but require a lot of energy. When searching for flights use the incognito browser, use sites like Skyscanner, Google Flights or Kayak. I prefer the former. Once I find a flight on Skyscanner, I usually cross-check it with the airline website to make sure the price is the same. Make sure the flight times are sufficient to enable you to make the most of your time in the city. I usually aim for at least 8 hours in a destination.

What was your first-day trip and did you forget anything important?

Cologne, Germany was my first trip and to be honest I don’t remember forgetting anything instead I sometimes overpack.

What is your must-haves when on a day trip?

  • Water bottle (to avoid buying beverages- most airports have water fountains where you can fill your bottle. Same goes for restaurants if you ask politely they can fill your bottle)
  • Battery pack & adaptor – stay powered up.
  • Snacks these will fuel you as you walk about and explore
  • Wipes, tissue, sanitizer & lipgloss
  • TravelEatSlay merchandise of course 😉
How To Plan A Day Trip

Is there anything you wouldn’t bring on a day trip

A book. Well, despite the fact that you won’t have time to really read or focus on the book during a day trip it is one less thing to carry around with you as you will only bring a small bag with you.

Your top 5 countries to travel to for a day trip? 

  • Milan,
  • Copenhagen,
  • Venice
  • Lisbon
  • Paris

When is your next day trip and how does my audience get involved?

The next day trip is to Copenhagen in March. Anyone keen on joining the travel squad email to join the mailing list.

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A Day with MBV In Copenhagen

Heyyy MyBreakingViewers, and welcome to my third edition of A Day with MBV Series.  Today I will be talking about my recent trip to Copenhagen!  I was pleased with this trip because as you know I’m one ½ of @BTravelCreators; and was able to collaborate with @Traveleatslay.  

Let’s get into it then!

This trip was hella jokes, where does one even begin (I am literally beaming as I write this!) We had someone blasting music throughout the day. This really added to the mood and the weather in Copenhagen was good considering it was the end of February.  

I can’t remember how much I spent on the day. However, I have shared on other trips a good breakdown of costs (just this one I haven’t – I am truly sorry).

Sunday Munday  

We started the day with some grub! What? A girl has got to eat! This was in my opinion, an easy journey to the restaurant called Sunday Munday. This was a restaurant for waffles eaters and get this EVERYTHING is vegan. This was great for me as I decided to go vegan for the month and it was my last day.  

Nyhavn Harbour – coloured houses  

Every time I think of Copenhagen, I always imagined seeing the pretty colourful houses. So when we landed, I was like I want pictures near the colourful houses and that we did! What I loved about the colourful buildings was the richness in colour. It really showed me that there is colour in the world. Which resonates with MyBreakingViews statement

Building Colour Into Your Travels

Interesting fact: Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is lined by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants. 

Cost – £0.00  

Manon Les Suites – the hotel  

Whilst eating at the restaurant Sunday Munday. A staff member suggested we should head over to the Manon Les Suites and so we did.  The hotel in one word was breathtaking and I will be certainly going back and staying at this hotel! When I am rich of course!

Travel Tip: It is always good to listen to the locals. They should know their country a lot better than a tourist.  

Cost – £0.00  

Christiansborg Palace 

It took us a while to find this place and it seems the lifts/elevators in Copenhagen are slightly old fashioned. When we finally got up there you could see a good view of the country.

Interesting Fact: Christiansborg Palace is a palace and government building on the islet of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court of Denmark. 

Cost – £0.00  

Dinner at Skipperkroen 

We got a bus back to Nyhavn (colourful houses) to see if we could find somewhere to eat. We wanted to unwind while we waited for our plane. Note: There are quite a lot of restaurants in this area.

Now, remember when I said I was practising being a vegan for the month! This was a struggle when we got to this restaurant because they didn’t even know what it meant. I ended up having potatoes, some bread and veg – they added some fish. This clearly showed me that they didn’t know what veganism meant. I didn’t eat it ask anyone!  

Cost – (more than £30 for veg potatoes and some bland fish)  

I hope you enjoyed my third series A Day with MBV in Copenhagen. I will be sharing my A Day with MBV in Ireland ….. subscribed so you can stay tuned!

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Series: A Day with MBV…

Welcome to my Series: A Day with MBV

Before I get into the logistics. I would like to say that I hope the month of August is a fruitful month for every single one of us. Can you believe it’s been two weeks since I relaunched MyBreakingViews website? It has been extremely overwhelming with all the lovely comments, and I can’t thank you all enough for your support!

I feel like a new month is a call for something BRAND NEW. Read on, you will get it soon.

I’ve brought you all here today to tell you about my new series called ‘A Day with MBV…’ I’ve been flying to a few countries (here and there – you know) and participating in a number of activities this year. All of these have been quick little things, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s funny how day trips abroad and group activities can be an excellent way of meeting new people, as well as experiencing something new. Most of my activities and day trips have been planned by @traveleatslay or @btravelcreators. Want to be involved? You got to follow to be involved! Read – Black Travel Creators Turns 1: Highlights

Anyways, all these activities got me thinking; how can I share my days with you all? Where you can ask questions to build your travel knowledge, and most importantly, enjoy the travel with me! And then it came to me – I could do a series of my activities.

Let me formally introduce you to my series:

A Day with MBV…

What can you expect with A Day with MBV series?

A Day with MBV… will be packed with lots of goodies! I will be writing about my day in a country or my day somewhere close by, like the Hitchin Lavander Farm! It could be absolutely anything! I want to show you what you can get done in just a day!

A Day with MBV...

This will sometimes contain a small itinerary, (which you can steal) of where to go, what you should do, how to go and do it, and a cost break down of the different attractions, where you can eat and more! Heck, you might even get a free day trip on me!

Want to be up in the mix? Subscribe to my mailing list, you don’t miss out on the first A Day with MBV…

My first post of the series will be ‘A Day with MBV In Prague‘.

Subscribe & Stay Tuned

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