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The EU: In or Out?

Mr Cameron said: “It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics.”

So our Prime Minister David Camron had promised to hold an EU referendum if he won the 2015 general election of which he did!

We only have a few weeks to go before the referendum commence and honestly the topic of the EU has become more and more tedious to me daily. Yes, I am exhausted with wait and anticipation on what is going to come on the 23rd June.

What is to come, when you and I are go to our local ballot stand and cast our daring vote!

Now I don’t know where you stand at this particular moment but I would love for you all to share your views on why we should stay or even leave. But for the purpose of this post I have chosen to remain as neutral as possible.

Some us may know already that the E.U. has faced numerous challenges in the past… economical downfalls, bailouts, laws/ regulations that are heavily placed in the U.K and the most discussed about migration!

But what exactly is going on?

On the 23rd June you and I will be able to make a choice on the fate of the British membership within the E.U. In the referendum you will be given a choice and hopefully you have thought long and hard on this choice and if you haven’t, hopefully I may be able to help you – so do keep reading, I will keep it short and sweet and I promise you it won’t be much longer.

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

Should we leave?

I am unable to directly answer that question. What I will say is that it is clear that the country is fairly evenly split, much of the public want to leave simply because they feel as if they are being held back by the EU, the main reason or principle for having the membership if for “free movement” and that has been removed because of the membership within the E.U. It is awful how the European Union are seen to impose to many rules on businesses and to make things worst, we are charged billions of pounds to remain in the E.U. for little or hardly any return. Why would anyone want to stay?

It doesn’t stop there! The number of people coming to this country is becoming ridiculous, numbers are growing and many feel that it is time to take full control of its borders and reduce the number of people that are coming to the U.K “They are only taking all of our jobs!” It’s no longer fair on the rest of us.

Should we remain?

Then of course there’s the other side, there has been arguments that Britain’s status in the world would be seriously damaged should they leave the E.U. and that we are certainly more secure within the club of 28 countries. More so, some of the public that do believe that quite rightly, the EU helps boost the economy. Those for remaining in the E.U. believe that immigration has helped and continues to fuel the economy.

Soo there we have it; I have mentioned here the most important aspects of the arguments being sure to keep to my promise. See I told you that I would keep it short and sweet!

Regardless of the outcome, the question that lingers in my mind is would we be better in or out? I ask myself this daily. As a country we have been within the E.U since 1975 (before some of us had even been born!) I still wonder what it would be like for us young people. I suppose it depends solely on where you are looking at it. Now the real question is: Are you in or out?

You decide.

Will you be voting in the referendum?

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