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Would You Consider Relocating For a New Role?

We are slowly falling into our new ‘normal’, and I’m beginning to think many people will need to start thinking about what’s next? Some may even be considering relocating for a new role. 

Relocating for a new job/career can be a major decision. Honestly. I’ve done it. I can’t say that I enjoyed it much, but looking back now I can reflect and say relocating has certainly helped with my career progression. 

When did I relocate? 

70 radius relocating to Northampton

Back in 2013/14, I had just finished University and like many, I struggled to find or even secure a job. I had already worked in John Lewis, Harrods and as a Youth Worker, but I wanted to now move into something related to my degree – International Politics

The plan was to secure a role that would help me gain some experience. After a few months of consistent rejections, I decided to apply for roles out of London. Lucky for me I secured a role in finance – Barclays to be exact. This was quite a good opportunity for me. However, I had one problem, and that was the role was not in London. It was in Northampton. 

I contemplated for ages whether I wanted to leave my loved ones and move 70 miles away from London. It was a tuff one. I only knew a handful of people in Northampton, so understandable was worried about being alone. After debating for a while I decided to make the move and relocated to Northampton. Looking back now I’m glad I decided to relocate. It not only built characteristic skills, but it made me overcome my fears as a person and understand people. 

If you are looking to relocate for a new role, or have recently lost your job then this is the post for you. Below are four pros and cons to consider before relocating for a new role: 


Moving can be expensive. 

The cost of moving can be a deal-breaker especially if your company/firm doesn’t offer to cover relocation expenses. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relocate. It just means you may have to start from scratch. When I decided to relocate I knew I would not be receiving any relocation expenses, but it didn’t stop me from making the move. 

Some employers may negotiate relocation packages, so it is worth asking and inquiring about the costs associated with travel expenses, moving corporate or temporary housing. 

You may have to learn a whole new transportation system. 

If you move from a big city to a rural area as I did from London to Northampton, you may need to learn a new public transportation system. For me, this wasn’t too bad because it meant that I just needed to buy a car. Consider how you may want to get to work. When I relocated I had to factor in the cost of purchasing a vehicle, gas/petrol, maintenance, etc. and although it was costly – it was certainly worth it. 

You might experience culture shock. 

Learning a new city and culture can feel overwhelming and lonely, especially if you are moving alone or internationally. If possible, try to visit the area a few times before you move to ensure it is an environment you will be able to enjoy. For me, I was so desperate to start working that I didn’t take the time for this. 

Remember you don’t have to relocate forever, once you have been in the role for a while you can easily ask to relocate or even apply for a role back home. 

You can make new friends 

I get it social integration can be difficult and is especially challenging for those who are introverted or moving alone. Not to mention social distancing. But this is the time to build character and meet new people and make new friends. 


Builds character, personal development and new experiences. 

Relocating can build character for real and can create new experiences. I recall being able to use my financial experience to get my first role to move back to London. I was so hyped! 

It can be an opportunity for career advancement. 

Relocating can allow you to excel, and even gain promotions. I recall feeling that the move I took would mean I would be there forever! Looking back now I know now that it took me to the next level and set the bar for others behind me. Depending on your new role, you may have the chance to build a new team or project from the ground up which is always a great opportunity.

You can make new friends. 

Bear in mind you will be mostly making friends at work. This for me is a BIG no, but some people can. 

Making friends as an adult is not always easy. However, when you’re pushed out your comfort zone you will make friends easily. It’s almost like travelling solo you will meet people. And if you meet friendly people then you have long time friends for life. 

I hope my points above have been of some help. Have you considered moving for a role away from home?

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7 Things To Consider Before Moving Abroad

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Now I know I haven’t moved abroad for work or anything, so I do feel slightly cheeky writing a post on things you should know before moving abroad.

But. And there is always a but!

I still believe my points are worth considering from my experience as a study exchange student. Plus, I do plan to move abroad again, one day. And I think it’s always wise to have some tools before you consider moving abroad.

As you’ve heard me say a million times before ‘moving abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made’. I feel like it was a period of my life that I learnt so much about myself. It’s when I felt like I became whole and really believed I was capable of doing absolutely anything.  

7 Things to think about before moving abroad  


Unfortunately, this is inevitable. When I moved abroad, I always doubted myself, mainly as a young black female. And (at the time) had never even lived out of her family’s home before. I was first worried about how I would be taken in Singapore. Everything I did caused doubt.

China Town

Honestly, moving abroad was and is one of the most humbling experiences. I was forced to come out of my shell overnight with very little support (that’s my opinion – which I am happy to discuss at a later date).

But moving abroad is an experience to meet people and live after a while the self-doubt will literally disappear.


I personally didn’t have a massive issue with this because as you can imagine, everyone wanted to be my friend haha! I’m joking moving abroad can be quite daunting when you don’t know anyone on the other side.

As an adult or young person, should I say, making friends can be somewhat much more tricky, and if you are an introvert even harder – in my opinion? There can also be lots of misunderstandings, you know people learning about themselves. I had this trouble while living in Singapore, and it caused a bit of friction between a few friends and me. 

Tip: I would suggest starting with an interest, I was surprised how music was an icebreaker for me when making friends in Singapore. I seemed to find similar interest with people that loved Beyonce! If you can, I would also suggest using Instagram and Facebook.  

N.B don’t be afraid to ghost someone; people appear their best selves when you first meet them. If you don’t think you click with someone, do not hesitate to keep it moving! 


Anyone who tells you that moving abroad is easy is just lying! Moving abroad can be quite overwhelming, and if you lose your cool – it’s understandable. If you are moving over as a student, this can be reasonably straight forward, but if you’re doing this on your own – it can be quite frustrating!  

It doesn’t stop there you then have to think about getting a new sim-card (if you already have a phone) then signing up to a new bank, the money you need to spend. Not to mention time difference. This can really test you – honestly, there were times I’m sure people thought I was just a spoilt brat! Things didn’t seem to go my way when I moved to Singapore, and I just wanted to come home!  

However, despite the little hiccups, I learnt so many things. I reminded myself that it was all a learning process. As cheesy as it sounds, you really have to take a step back and just breath! All these annoying things definitely made me a more patient person. 


Let me be real with you. Unless you have some fantastic benefits, you will be spending a lot of money. The first thing I did when I landed in Singapore was head out to IKEA. I wanted to feel like I was at home, and I couldn’t do that with no bedsheets.  

Singapore money

Get ready to save some money before you go and then spend it once you get there.  



Sometimes as human beings, we have preconceived notions of how people behave or how they will perceive us. You can even have presumptions of how a place might be and more. Moving abroad wholly change everything for me. Not only did I learn so much about the culture in Singapore, but I was continually learning about other cultures and countries. I met people from America, Malaysia, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada and more. At first, I can honestly say it was a huge learning curve, but an enjoyable one where I felt like I gained so much from people. 


As I will always say and continue to preach! Moving abroad has and will always be the best decision I ever made. The decision to get out of my shell and see the world really changed me for the better and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

If you’ve ever had a thought that moving abroad is something you want to do, I’ve got one piece of advice for you – DO IT! If you are in uni/college, please consider. 

What about you have you ever thought about moving abroad? What’s holding you back?  

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