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6 Fantastic Reasons on Why You Should Stay In A Hostel

If you can stay in a hostel, please do.

Sometimes staying in a hostel can be quite daunting, especially when you have never stayed in one before. When I was a study exchange student, staying in hostels was the only way I was able to travel so many countries while living in Singapore – Read post How Did I Travel to 15 countries in just 7 months??

For several people, I know I may not be able to change their mind about hostels, but for those that might be considering it, please find out why I believe you should stay in a hostel at least once in your life! Staying in a hostel is a great option if you are a solo traveller trying to save money! Don’t have a sugar daddy!

Hostels don’t have to be nasty. I’ve stayed in hostels that are just as good as the hotels, only cheaper.

Staying in a hostel is great if you are a solo traveller trying to save money!

I will admit though, now that I am no longer a student and earn more I can make the executive decision and stay in Hotels, but that doesn’t mean I would completely rule out a nice Hostel. By nice I mean my own room, own shower, a place by the beach and breakfast etc.

6 Fantastic Reasons on Why You Should Stay In A Hostel Once

1. They are way cheaper than Hotels

The most I have paid for a hostel for a night is £28 a night in a bunk bedroom in Australia. I mean £28 pounds a night in Australia is a HUGE!

This hostel wasn’t the nicest I’ve stayed in but was very reasonable for a student travelling South East Asia. Hostels can be very cheap, cheaper than hotels and sometimes even better! I wish I could give you all the access to inexpensive hostels, but I’m afraid it is about doing your research.

There is no one set price for hostels, rates are dependent on the country, season, the type of room you have chosen (shared mixed dorms will be of course the cheapest) or the number of people you’re travelling with. The average hostel cost can range from £2.50-£30 a night, and if you’re going on a budget, then you will definitely do good to stay in a hostel.

Looking for hostels? HostelWorld

2. Some Hostels are better than Hotels

Depending on where you are staying in the world. You could actually stay in a hostel which may even feel and look like a Hotel. I have stayed in hostels in Thailand right by the beach with just myself and a couple of friends. The food was great, the view was excellent, and I really enjoyed myself.

3. The stories you will tell

I don’t feel like a blog post is long enough to tell you all the stories I have staying in hostels. I recall staying a really nice place called Siem Reap Rooms in Cambodia and having a shower before going to see the sunrise at the Angkor Wat. My friends and I couldn’t quite work out what or where the noise came from, but we swore we heard a duck in the bathroom.

This hostel was 47 dollars for two nights between 3 people. This would have been £38.09!

You will have lots of interesting stories to tell people.

4. Gives you a chance to meet new people

I enjoy hostels because it’s so much easier to meet people in hostels (whether you stay in a private room or a shared dorm). The hostels usually offer a variety of activities, creating a more friendly environment, where you can make friends, especially if you are a solo traveller.

5. They are just as safe as regular hotels

I think wherever you go, you are safe. Of course, there will always be external factors, but those you can’t help.

What you can help is your own internal safety. Honestly, staying in a hostel is as safe as staying in a hotel or Airbnb. Most of the hostels I have been to have secure storage lockers, security guards and 24 hours receptionist. Read the reviews and make sure you don’t leave your belongings just anywhere!

6. They can be nice – really nice!

I have been to some fantastic hostels, and I have been to some real sh*t hostels. You sometimes have to be optimistic. I remember recently staying in a hostel in LA, which has a rooftop bar/pool. I enjoyed my time just chilling and sipping on a few cocktails.

What about you have you ever stayed in a hostel. Which ones? Do you have any tips to share?

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MyBreakingViews 10 Travel Hacks In Seeing The World

Today I will be sharing MyBreakingViews 10 travel hacks in seeing the world. Come on let’s get into it!

1. Study Exchange.

I can’t say this enough, do a study exchange if you are at uni/college of course. Yes those of you that are in those establishments should have lots of option to do a study exchange. Please do not make any excuses! Just go for it! I had a former friend that had the opportunity to travel abroad whilst at University; she didn’t take this up and now regrets it!

Study exchanges are the absolute best!! And if you ever need advice about going to do a study exchange programme drop me a line.

2. Create a bucket list

I always have a list of countries I would like to travel and as it’s said write your visions down and make it a reality. I recently wrote a post on the importance of visiting a new country every year. Check it out – Make It A Habit To Visit A New Country Yearly.

My bucket list includes me going to at least one country in every continent in the world. Yep, I have said I will do all this before I am 30.

3. Get to know these flight website deals.

There are so many to choose from;  PirateHolidays, Secret Escapes, Groupon, Onthebeach,, Google Flights, Edream and Skyscanner . If I have to pick one, Skyscanner has to be my absolute fave they have recently input a multi-city section which allows you to do more than one city at once – but it only really works in your favour if you are quite open on the dates you want to travel.

If you can kill two birds with one stone and the countries are close by, go for it. I love going to a few places at a time. Just don’t be like my friend who travelled from America to Iceland to Spain. The weather changes required a heavy suitcase.  It’s difficult to pack for a number of weathers.

4. Do short breaks

Depending on where you live this may work out really well for you. I personally hate, staying in a country for longer than 5 days if I’m honest with you, I get exhausted and I can’t wait to get back to normality of life. Sad I know but I feel there is only so much you can do for a long period of time and if it’s not going back home (for me Nigeria) I don’t want to be there for too long. Living in the UK helps as you sometimes don’t even need 5 days and short flights mean you can travel during the weekends; if you have a 9-5 like me you will want to utilise the holidays you get.

5. Don’t be shy away from hostels

I’ve stayed in a number of hostels. They were very clean and accommodating. I had some horrible and amazing experiences. The thing with hostels is there is a terrible stigma that they are gross, which in actual fact they are very cheap and can be extremely nice. When travelling in South East Asia I stayed in actually really nice hotels/hostels.

The best websites I used when travelling was Hostels Worldwide.

6. Pack smart

I say this with caution. I originally was going to say pack light, which in essence I did when I was travelling Asia (my friends will lie and say otherwise) LOL .  I would say pack smart and only pack what you need. I see people packing things they don’t need a lot of the time and then realising they haven’t taken what they really need. Believe me it’s annoying although I am the biggest culprit in this. Pack for each day and night it’s so much easier that way and if you want to bring things back you have enough room.

7. Sign up to those flight deal newsletters.

I know those deals can become annoying. I was a big lover of Groupon until I realised that 8-10 emails a day was just not cutting it. I do get the occasional flight sales from Ryanair, EasyJet and Onthebeach just because I have booked with them before; they do tend to save me a great deal of money.

Sign up to MyBreakingViews for extra tips of course!

8. Give feedback when due hotels, flights & travels

I don’t know if you know this but this can help if you book with a large organisation like they work around the world and if you give feedback sometimes you may get discounts on your next hotel booking.

If you book with this link- MyBreakingViews Booking  you can get £15 pounds off your first hotel booking!!!!

Every bit helps.

9. Try and know someone in the country you’re visiting.

Do you have a country you would like to go and know someone who lives there? This is not easy for everyone I know, but for me doing my study exchange has given me friends that live around the world. I now have friends that I can stay with when I want to travel.

10. Don’t keep refreshing the website!

When your booking your travels just be sure not to keep refreshing (turning cookies off are a myth in my opinion). If they see someone is interested in buying flights/hotels they will bump up the prices, believe me I’ve seen it happen in less than 5 mins. When 4 of my friends and I booked to go Hong Kong my friends booked their flights before and within 5 mins the flights had increased by $50 Singaporean dollars about £25. I wasn’t impressed.

Do you have any hacks that you could share with me on travelling?


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How Did I Travel To 15 Countries In 7 Months??

This one of the main question I get asked over and over again. I even ask myself sometimes how did I do it? I still can’t believe I did 15 countries in less than seven months, but I did. And of course it still very doable. In 2013, I never knew I was going to travel I didn’t I still pinch myself now thinking of the countries I have visited. I’ve travelled to 27 countries, and I still can’t believe it!! Soooo, how did I manage to travel so much you’re wondering? Well, there isn’t any secret method or anything like that, and I am pleased to tell you!!

Sorry to burst your bubble, BUT there was never any a sugar daddy involved. Couldn’t entertain them just because I can’t stand uncles – SORRY! I paid for all my holidays, with my own money and as I’ve always been a big saver. I was and still will also go to so many places.

Here’s how I travelled to 15 countries in only 7 months…

1. Study Exchange

I speak about this sooo much – a bit too much actually, but this is the MAIN reason why I was able to travel so much! I lived in Singapore and was able to get return flights around South-East Asia for less than £100 (sometimes less). Why wouldn’t you move aboard for a semester? You get nice food and if you have a uni like mine you get a discount on your degree! It’s a win-win!

I’ve always been really good at saving money. I already had a bit of money saved up and I also have a savings account specifically for my travels. Every time I get paid, I try to put a bit of money into this account.

Read: The Perfect Tools on How To Apply for a Study Exchange

2. Savings

I have always been good with my money (except when I am on holiday). I always have savings and even when I’m travelling and I always live on a budget when I am back home.

3. Stay and travel in Hostels

I’ve stayed in very good hostels in Thailand and I’ve stayed in really horrible hostels in Australia. Every hostel is different, don’t knock it until you try it! If you are a solo traveller you will have to stay in hostels unless you have endless money of course. Hostels are good if you want to meet new people – so give it a go.

4. My Breaking Views – SUBSCRIBE


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