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How Did I Travel To 15 Countries In 7 Months??

This one of the main question I get asked over and over again. I even ask myself sometimes how did I do it? I still can’t believe I did 15 countries in less than seven months, but I did. And of course it still very doable. In 2013, I never knew I was going to travel I didn’t I still pinch myself now thinking of the countries I have visited. I’ve travelled to 27 countries, and I still can’t believe it!! Soooo, how did I manage to travel so much you’re wondering? Well, there isn’t any secret method or anything like that, and I am pleased to tell you!!

Sorry to burst your bubble, BUT there was never any a sugar daddy involved. Couldn’t entertain them just because I can’t stand uncles – SORRY! I paid for all my holidays, with my own money and as I’ve always been a big saver. I was and still will also go to so many places.

Here’s how I travelled to 15 countries in only 7 months…

1. Study Exchange

I speak about this sooo much – a bit too much actually, but this is the MAIN reason why I was able to travel so much! I lived in Singapore and was able to get return flights around South-East Asia for less than £100 (sometimes less). Why wouldn’t you move aboard for a semester? You get nice food and if you have a uni like mine you get a discount on your degree! It’s a win-win!

I’ve always been really good at saving money. I already had a bit of money saved up and I also have a savings account specifically for my travels. Every time I get paid, I try to put a bit of money into this account.

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2. Savings

I have always been good with my money (except when I am on holiday). I always have savings and even when I’m travelling and I always live on a budget when I am back home.

3. Stay and travel in Hostels

I’ve stayed in very good hostels in Thailand and I’ve stayed in really horrible hostels in Australia. Every hostel is different, don’t knock it until you try it! If you are a solo traveller you will have to stay in hostels unless you have endless money of course. Hostels are good if you want to meet new people – so give it a go.

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