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10 Black-Owned Restaurants To Visit

So today is our first Black Pound Day (Saturday, June 27). With everything that has happened in the last few weeks, I think this is a day that we can and should take the time to support our community. And I think the best way to do it is through food! Why? Because everyone enjoys eating. 

What is Black Pound Day?

Black Pound Day (which will be a monthly event) encourages people to buy products from Black business owners in the UK. It was set up by Swiss a former So Solid Crew member! 

Below I have put together a list of Black-owned restaurants that are currently open for takeaways and delivery in the UK. 

 10 Black-Owned Restaurants to Visit in The UK 

1. Adian’s Dining – Birmingham 

A Birmingham Black-owned la carte restaurant that focuses on using amazing ingredients from all over the world that emphasises on the Caribbean, Asia and India foods. I will be certainly trying out this restaurant if I’m ever in Birmingham. 

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#ackee #riceandpeas #lobstermacncheese tropical fusion ?

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2. ENISH – London

London wide Black-owned restaurants with a branch in Dubai. Enish serves a diverse range of Nigerian food.  I visited this restaurant at the beginning of this year and enjoyed it. If you are going, I would suggest trying some pepper soup or even the suya!

Location: 228 Lewisham High St, London, SE13 6JU

3. Caribbean Croft – Bristol 

A Black-owned restaurant based in Bristol. It servers traditional Caribbean comfort dishes. I’ve personally never been, but it looks like a good shout for whenever I may be in Bristol.

Location: 30 Stokes Croft, St Paul’s, Bristol BS1 3QD

4. Young Vegans Pizza Shop – London

A London Black-owned business that makes vegan mozzarella, mock meats and dough pizza. I usually do vegan for a month every year so at least now I know I have somewhere to try.

Location: 393 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9RA

5. Cafe Caribbean – London

A London based restaurant that makes all types of Jamaican food. Her recipes have been influenced by Content District, St Catherine, in Jamaica. 

Location: Pavilion Building, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6EW

6. Issa Vibe – London

A London Black-owned restaurant based in Peckham, serving all American food such as WingsWaffles, Fish, Burgers and Mac Cheese.

Location: 181 Rye Ln, Peckham, London SE15 4TP

7. Chukus – London

A London based Nigerian Tapas Restaurant. I haven’t yet been to this restaurant, but I will certainly be visiting after the Lockdown. 

Location: 274 High Road, Tottenham, N15 4AJ

8. Crepes & Cones – London 

A London based restaurant that offers a mix of savoury soul food with creative desserts & cocktails. Despite leaving so close to this place I still am yet to visit and enjoy! 

Location: 24-26 S End, Croydon CRO 1DN

9. TRIBE – London 

A South London based restaurant that serves healthy drinks and snacks from their juice bar. This restaurant is worth visiting for the vegans. 

Location: 22 Streatham High Rd, Streatham Hill, London SW16 1DB

10. Leilanis – London

A London based restaurant that serves Halal Caribbean food and other cultures. 

Location: 14 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11 5RW

And there we have it! Which one of these Black-owned restaurants will you be attending? Do you know of any other Black-owned restaurants?

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Food Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel The World

If you know me well, you will know that I am always searching for a good meal. I love sweets, snacks and anything that involves me eating. After my travels, I would say that food is my next best activity.

Along my travels, I have tried all types of food and would have to so far say that Asian food is my best cuisine. Food should always be an enjoyable part of your travels. Trying out new dishes can be a hit or miss.

I thought I should open my blog to discover new foods! I have spilt around 6 different regions. Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and the Caribbean. See below some food pictures and let me know what your favourite cuisine is and why.

1. Asia

Chilli Crapb
Stingray and Fried Rice

2. Africa

Egusi and Pounded Yam

3. North America

New York – Hot Pot

4. Europe


5. South America

Yet To Travel and Eat

6. Caribbean

Yet To Travel and Eat

I will be updating this post as I experience new countries and new foods! What is your favourite cuisine?

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MyBreakingViews| Travel Vlog – New York

Hey beautiful people,

Welcome to my New York Vlog. It has been a while, yes I know and I am very sorry! So much has been happening and I actually can’t wait to catch up with every single one of you! So I recently went to the “Land of the Free World” for my Birthday!!! I started with New York the BIG APPLE and then made my way to other states which you will see in other vlogs/blogs so stayyyy tuned Viewers & don’t forget to subscribe!

The video is relatively short so I will say in advance to get a light snack; I am deeply sorry that not all were recorded but my phone kept dying on 83% – annoying right?! However, Christmas is coming up so it might be that I need to invest in a camera for My “amazing” Breaking Viewers?! Any suggestion on a good camera leave a comment below and tell me if you would prefer Houston or New Orleans vlog first?!

Also head over to: MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries : Coachella

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Are You Broke This Christmas?

Oh the 25th of December has not always been the best day for me until. Well not until the last few years when I have spent it with family that actually count. It’s a day for many of us to spend with family or friends (I say that with caution). To buy presents and to simply stuff your face until the sight of food makes you want to throw up.

Apologies for the imagery on the last one. But as we get older or as I have gotten older, I noticed  that my Christmas list continues to grow longer and longer and the presents become more expensive. As an adult you can no longer buy your cousin a cheap mascara right? I’m beginning to feel the dizziness of present buying and gift wrapping… I’m sure you are too. It’s estimated that over 25% of us spend more than we actually have on Christmas presents – ouch that’s a lot! Hence the reason I have decided to write a quick process on how you can save some money and if you carry on reading this, you can even save a lot of money or not spend a dime.

Right, let’s get started!!

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Merry Christmas..??

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Don’t buy anything for anyone!

I have never done this before. Come on. The awkwardness when you are opening up presents and you haven’t got anything for the person giving you is not the best scenario anyone wants to be in on Christmas Day.. I will be taking my own advice this time around. Think I’m quite lucky as I won’t be spending Christmas as I normally do because of a scheduled minor operation. The not buying anything for anyone would need to be agreed with everyone. At least those that you plan to spend the day with of course; as that could be again extremely awkward. I know many families that do it now and they feel that Christmas is a day to be spent with family and be warm and cosy.

Make your gifts yourself.  I have to say, last year my cousin was proactive in saving money at Xmas and to be fair she made some really lovely presents that I used throughout this year. Yes, you’ll be surprised what you can find on websites such as eBay and Amazon. My cousin found natural ingredients to make lip balms, hand creams, shampoo, perfumes, the lot. It was the best selling point is that when a friend or family member opens the present it was all made with love and the natural goodness. Ohh and it’s good for you!

Secret Fanta AKA Secret Santa 

Now I think this can work really well if you come from a big family and even a small family. Why not buy one present for the family, something they all can all use or share. I think everyone knows how this goes right. But if you don’t … like you do with your friends or work colleagues. You get your families names in a bag ( go by surnames if you can) and you have the youngest (within reason) pick the names out of the bag. Your family will buy for that family. Warning! It does require reuniting before Christmas or whenever you decide to exchange presents. And the present. Well I’m not the best at presents, but it could go really well and will be coat effective.  

Why not? A fave series may go a long way – Game of Thrones maybe? Or why not a good old box of celebration or quality streets. If your family is like mine they can then give that to another family who will appreciate it. I would like a holiday. But that may be pushing it especially if you only get a box of celebrations in return. Hey it is the thought that counts and in life I’ve learnt you don’t give to receive. All the same, please remember the reason for Christmas and try to enjoy it for yourself and even for me.

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Iceland Was More Than Magical!

Iceland, also called the Republic of Iceland, is a Nordic island country between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It has a population of around 332,529 and an area of 103,000 km2;  making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. The capital and largest city is Reykjavík. The country is volcanically and geologically active

I have sadly decided to stop writing about core political issues and redirect my blog to a lifestyle/travel blog. Sad I know but it has come to my attention that my current personal circumstances do not allow me to continue to write about political issues. Should the opportunity present itself again in future, I shall certainly be back with you on that platform, but for now, let’s enjoy new dimensions together. So my first move (as I’ve been away for a while and itching to write), is to talk about my recent trip to Iceland; and before you go there, not Iceland the shopping market Iceland the country.

As many of you who know me well are aware, I have quite a passion for travelling and in these last few years, I have made it my mission to travel a new country each year! And it seems to be going quite well. I had always wanted to go to Iceland the country – remember, please. Now I know your thinking; it’s not hot and trust me it’s really not.

I believe the UK was hotter while I was shivering in cold weather and that says a lot of Iceland.  I don’t want to stay focused on the weather because if I have to say that Iceland was unbelievably magical. It really showed me that there are still countries that haven’t been destroyed by pure capitalism. The views were absolutely breathtaking. See some pictures below;

Why was Iceland magical?

Well for starters – and I feel I can say this now because I have seen a number of beautiful countries, Iceland (when I was there) had 18 hours of daylight – which was incredibly unusual for me. Yes, at 12.30 it felt like it was 4 pm in the afternoon or even midday. My loss of time consciousness only dawned on me when I felt tired from the many locations we constantly visited.


The country had a spectacular feel to it. A complete natural structure of humbleness in everything. Even their Prime Minister lives in the town with the locals! How amazing is that?! I can’t seem to help myself, I’m always referring to something political. I ate many things that I would possibly never eat again – the first being fermented shark which in my opinion was absolutely vile (you are free to differ). But then, I also tried horse which was somewhat pleasant and oh as for Puffins (a famous bird in Iceland) that was the best! I got to try new things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life; and the things I saw/experienced, no one can ever take away from me!

As I’ve said, Iceland is somewhere I wouldn’t normally go but have always wanted to go to. It opened another way of looking at things and most importantly I was able to cross it off my bucket list (yes I have one of those – we all should). So I would say try somewhere that you would never think you would ever go – stand out and travel.

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