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Working From Home Successfully During LockDown Tips

7th week on lockdown and 7th week of working from home.

I’ve been working from home for 7 weeks and I can honestly tell you it’s been a difficult one. I’ve been working from home before COVID19 since my first role in Central Government in 2016. So I feel like I have some idea of the expectations of how an organisation would expect you to work.

5 Tips on How to Work From Home Successfully during the Lockdown

So we are still under lockdown and although measures are starting to be lifted in some countries. I think for many businesses working from home may still be in action for a little while longer. Some people may be struggling with working from home (WFH). So I have helpfully jotted down a few points on how to work from home successfully during a lockdown.

1. Create a Working from Home To-Do List

lockdown working from home

I started doing this recently and it changed my life! Start your day with a to-do list. It can be done in 10 mins. You just need to jot down a list of things you want to achieve in a day. This will help with structuring your day.

Don’t be afraid to get excited when you’re able to tick off your tasks throughout the day. Without office-based distractions, you may actually be more productive with a to-do list!

2. Take Breaks from your laptop

working from home take a break

Please take breaks. Sitting on your laptop all day can become exhausting and mentally draining. I’m currently working on a couple of scoping projects. So it’s essential to take a break from all the reading I do during the day. I always take a 10 min break after long meetings. It can be quite challenging to go straight into a new task.

Take breaks, go for a walk or check your social. Just do something, anything that will get you away from your laptop for 5 mins.

3. Get ready to work from home

Back when working from home was a luxury. I used to literally roll out of bed at the last minute and log in. Shhh, don’t tell my manager. However, now in lockdown, I am starting to realise having a shower in the morning and wearing work clothes sets my day. Going for a walk in the morning is also helpful with getting my headspace ready for work. Of course, I don’t do this every single day. But when I am struggling the most with working from home – this structure can help me and might help you too.

So no more setting up from your bed or from your sofa. Get yourself in the zone and sit at a table and maintain a good posture.

4. Do some exercise

exercise during lockdown

Right at the beginning of the lockdown, I was so into exercising. I was sometimes squeezing in two workouts a day. I loved it.

Go out for some fresh air – please maintain social distancing. Get some fresh air, walk, cycle run do whatever you think will help clear your headspace. If you’re like me you will be used to commuting to work, so you will need to make up for the time. Anything is something even if it’s only 10 mins.

5. Stay connected with others

We are very fortunate to be able to work from home in this political climate we are in. Working remotely or working from home doesn’t mean working in isolation. Interact with others throughout the week. Have meetings, there are lots of different types of technology you can use Zoom/Microsft Teams, Skype and more. I recently organised a lunchtime session with my colleagues to feel like we were having lunch together.

Working From Home Successfully During LockDown Tips

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