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Updated: How I Went To Morocco For Less Than £250

I wrote this post nearly two years ago but after posting it I realised that I didn’t actually answer the question. I had a friend ask me lots of questions and was quite embarrassed by the lack of information I gave. I take pride in giving honest opinions and sharing real travel tips so decided to give it a quick update! Read below and find out how I went to Morocco for less than £250!

I would be lying if I said that I usually spend a fortune on these holidays. Of course some holidays you have to close your eyes and just pay up – which is why I usually go away for my birthday. But just like you, I like a good old bargain. So if I can go on holiday for free, I will. However, whilst we still have to pay for our holidays I want to tell you how to go to Morocco for less than £250 (because it is possible).

1. Fly Out During Non-peak Periods to Morocco

So,  I went to Morocco in November and it worked out at only £59 pounds for my return flights… bargain right? I booked my flights with easyJet via Skyscanner. It’s still relatively warm in November; around 20 degrees. Hey if that’s not warm for you that’s your business! I’m English and get excited when I feel a little sun on my skin.

It’s also a time when it’s less busy with tourists – which for me is always a plus.

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2. Do Shorter Breaks Rather Than Longer

Yes, take shorter breaks – less than 5 days are always good (for me); and if you can fly out on a Friday evening, you only need to take one working day off. Smart eh? However, I know some people are not set up like that. The reason I say do short breaks is so you can squeeze as many holidays into one year and it saves you money!

I went to Morocco for 3 nights (Wed 23 Nov – Fri 25 Nov) and so only took three days annual leave. To be honest I wasn’t going for a full packed activities holiday! I wanted a chilled cheap holiday like Morocco, that I know I can visit again and again.

3. Book Your Hotel In Advance

I am sorry I didn’t tell you where I stayed! I stayed at the Opera Plaza Hotel Marrakech and booked via I paid on arrival and it was only £138 for the 3 nights (for two people)! This included a very generous buffet breakfast! When you split that between two people that is £69!

The Hotel is 4* and is located in front of Marrakech Train Station and the city’s Royal Theatre, this stylish hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, 3 restaurants, a nightclub and free Wi-Fi in all areas. Amenities include an informal restaurant and 2 stylish bars. There’s also an outdoor pool with a terrace and sun loungers.

If you would like a 15% discount then click for it now!

4. Give yourself a budget

Yes, again another one that I need to practise. Sadly I don’t have budgets because I think when you’re on holiday you should enjoy yourself as much as possible, but again if you have a budget you shouldn’t overspend and if you are smarter than me you will budget! This holiday I don’t feel like there was a need to budget. I hardly spent any money which is good!

Take all the clothes you need for your holiday so all you don’t need to spend money on buying clothes, just on food and transport. I said before that the hotel I stayed in had breakfast, which I stuffed myself with so wasn’t really hungry until late afternoon. This saved me a lot of money.

*I mainly ate at the hotel except for one night!

Things I did while in Morocco:

Final Thoughts…

It may seem like I didn’t do an awful lot, but honestly, the 3-day break was honestly needed for me! I mainly had girl chat and took the time out for myself! If you need a quick warmish break this is the one for you! I, of course, would like to go back again one day, and see more of Morocco.

Have you ever gone on holidays for a quick getaway on the cheap? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Things You Need To Know About The Royal Ascots …

So much has been happening since my last post! The World Cup, Super Eagles 2018 World Cup Jersey sold out in half an hour. Coachella pre-sale tickets have already sold out! If you are going this next year make sure to read my post on. Coachella 2018 – What is it? Booking Flights, Festival Tickets & Hotel and Royal Ascots are just around the corner

Although I won’t be attending the Ascots this year, simply because I have made myself a rule, which is to try something new every year. I went to the Royal Ascots in 2017, an event that brings out the most elegant outfits and engages people from around the globe. The event was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed every single minute of it and I thought it would be good to share my top tips on the day itself!

Wear comfy shoes

This is no joke! The friend I went with hates people taking their shoes off during a day or night out. So I wore my old shoes to ensure comfortability. I suck at wearing heels and at one point had to take them off. Luckily my friend felt sorry for me and didn’t complain. My advice for this type of event would be get yourself a pair of wedges. They don’t look as nice as heels with a dress. However, they are so much comfier than a pair of heels trust me.

Don’t be afraid to gamble

I was the person that was afraid to gamble, which never made any sense as I was only going to the ROYAL ASCOTS!!!! Now I am not saying spend all your hard earn cash! Budget! Set yourself a budget and stick to it because, boy oh boy you can get carried away.

Have a big breakfast

Make sure you give yourself a good start to the day with a big breakfast! Especially if you’re planning on drinking. I caught the train with my friend from Waterloo Station. As it was Royal Ascot day. Waterloo station was heaving with people in elegant dresses and suits. So I didn’t have time to pick up some food. By the time we got there all I wanted to do is eat. Let me tell you now that the food isn’t cheap so make sure you fill your stomach up.

Buy a Race Card

Silly me! I didn’t buy a race card not realising it was a big mistake. My friend was the smart one and paid the extra £4.50, which I believe helped her on the day. The race card gives you all the information you need to know about the races, horses and jockey. And anything else that is happening on the day.

Portable Charger

Ladies and Gentlemen, please please don’t forget your portable charger. It is so needed on a day like this!

Hope my tips will help! And if you are planning to go don’t forget to add your tips to the comment section below.

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