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MBV is back online!

MBV is back online! It’s been nearly two years! That is way too long! How have you been MyBreakingViewers? I am so sorry it has been so long 🙁 

The last two years have been focused on my master’s in Global Diplomacy at the School of Oriental African Studies (SOAS)! It has always been a dream of mine to do my master’s, and I am even more grateful that I did this at SOAS. Now that I have finished, I can focus on sharing my travel journals, guides and foodie tips! 

If you’ve been following me on my new Instagram. You will know that I re-started my IG page for a fresh start, especially after the trolls from the situation in Greece – read about it here

MBV is back online! 

MBV is back online. Yes, I am entirely back up and running, and believe me when I say I am here for good this time! I have been working hard, and so many things are coming to you this year. The focus has been travel, but now I want to share my views and tips and challenge the perceptions of food while travelling. 

While I was away 

Although I was working full-time and studying part-time, I still managed to find time to travel the world (don’t worry, I will share how I did this now that I am back). 

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, I still travelled. I visited around 9 countries last year, many unplanned and some delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The countries I visited in the last two years: 

March 2022 Jordan 

This was my first time visiting the Middle East, and I absolutely loved it! The rich history, hospitality and food were truly unique. I enjoyed tasting the falafel, the hummus was the best I have ever tasted, and the shawarma was rich in juices and flavour. 

I enjoyed the food so much that I returned home and cooked the dishes on my Cooking Travel Talks live relaunch. I went with GoJolley, the best travel group I advise you to travel with – especially if you want a smooth process. 

May 2022 France, Paris 

I’ve been to Paris many times, but every time I go, it’s a new experience. If you are based in the UK, you only need 3 days max in Paris because, honestly, if you go once, you will go again and again. It was the first time I tried escargots – French snails, and it was truly yummy. We need to do a Taste of France – what do you think?

August 2022 Turkey
eating in Turkey - MBV is back online!

I was a bit nervous about travelling to Turkey because of what I heard about Black women’s experience and because it’s next door to Greece, but I loved Turkey. The food was also delicious, and the people were lovely to me. 

Septemeber 2022 Italy 

Like France, I have been to Italy several times, but it was my first time in Pisa and Florence. Florence is my favourite city in Italy. We also did a Cooking Travel Talks live for Italy, which you can find here

October 2022 West Africa 

I travelled to Nigeria, The Gambia and Senegal in October. My dream has always been to travel to Africa, and my goals are close to becoming increasingly real every day. We did a Cooking Travel Talks Live for all three. I did The Gambia and Senegal with Ajala Travels.

MyBreakingViewers, if you would like to read about a specific country sooner rather than later, let me know I will focus my guides on what you want. I will post in real-time (after the trip), so subscribe and follow for more. 

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back here! Speak soon. 

Love MBV x

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7 Fantastic Tools That will Have You Solo Travelling with Confidence

Some people solo travel to escape their 9 to 5, get a break from reality, family or the simple difficulty in gathering friends to go away with. Whatever your reason is. I believe everyone should travel at least once in their life. Solo travelling is an exciting topic for many reasons.

So What is Solo Travel?

Solo travel is where you go somewhere alone. This can be anywhere you want. Wherever you go, you spend a significant chunk of time alone once you get to your destination. Now, as I said before, I never actually feel like I’m alone when I solo travel. And it’s real, just because you travel alone doesn’t mean you’ll always be alone during your travels. Unless you really want to be.

I absolutely adore solo travelling, but I don’t feel like I do it enough. This year I solo travelled to Singapore, Bali and Ireland. You can go wherever you like, whenever you want. It’s incredible how you are entitled to do exactly what you want when you want. 

However, I do understand that booking the first solo trip can be quite a daunting experience. That is why I’m going to give you the tools to schedule your first trip with real confidence.  

How to Travel With Confidence as A Solo Traveller 

1. Take Baby Steps…

This is advice from someone that has travelled solo for over 5 years. Please don’t do your first solo trip thousands of miles away from home. It might be a shock to the system, and you don’t want it to go to waste. Instead, start small. I recently went to Ireland for the day. It was great and was only a 55 min flight from home. Why not go for the day by yourself ? Or even do a one-night stopover in a city close to you. It doesn’t have to be a huge jump! Make it easy and start off small. 

When travelling alone, you have to feel so comfortable in your own company.  

You don’t even have to actually leave your city. You could go to the park alone. Or maybe cinemas/movies. Perhaps even think about heading to a restaurant alone. Whatever you do, do something that you are comfortable with. When solo travelling, you have to feel so comfortable in your own company.  

Me sitting on the steps at Trinity College.

I’m someone that enjoys my own company – a little too much in fact. Travelling solo pushes, you to be by yourself most of the time, so think where you want to go first. You will always feel nervous wherever you go (I still get worried, and I’ve been going solo for five years!!) but the more you practise going sooo and test your limits the further you can go.  Trust me. 

2. Get yourself booked onto a tour  

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s actually a good idea and a perfect way to make friends when travelling solo. When I was in Bali this year, I booked an Instagram tour

Me and Sandra.

Now if I didn’t book that tour, I would have never met another traveller and experienced another side of Bali. Going on tours and meeting with other travellers is an excellent way of sharing stories and tips, too! 

3. Do a little you know research   

I say this quite lightly because you can do all the research in the world and still be shocked upon arrival! I would say make sure you go with an open mind ready to learn and eager for a new experience.  

4. Plan the first couple of nights’ accommodations for your solo travels

This won’t be necessary if you’re only staying for a day.

However, it is essential if you have never travelled before to book accommodation. It’s just so you know where to go upon arrival. I’ve done solo travelling and have booked my accommodation on the day to my destination. This is fine, but I wouldn’t suggest it on your first solo trip. I want you to enjoy your first solo trip, so making sure you have everything planned is key to having to a smooth experience. I would suggest and Airbnb.

5. Stay active on social media  

This doesn’t apply to everyone, of course (not everyone has social media) but if you have a phone, I would suggest keeping your friends and family aware of things you are doing while travelling solo.

When I travelled solo to Las Vegas last year, I was always checking in with friends and family to let them know that I was okay.  

Use socials like:

6. Carry cash and a credit card and keep your money safe – In several places 

I tend to use my credit card everywhere I go. However, I do understand that this might not be an option in some areas. In Ireland and Singapore, this was and is fine. Countries like Bali or Malaysia you may want to have some cash with you – don’t carry massive amounts but enough for you to get by. 

My advice to you is, only take what you need for a day’s spend, you will know what to take through lots of planning. And if you have to hide some money in several places and only carry one plastic and have one at home.  Do so. Travelling solo you always need back up.

7. Present yourself with confidence hunnie when solo

After all these tools I have stated above, you should have NO problems with travelling solo. Walk with an air of confidence everywhere you go. You’ll give off a self-assured vibe, rather than a vulnerable one, and be less likely to attract unwelcome attention. 

Final Thoughts…

It can be hard to not look like a tourist, or a solo traveller, but never tell people where you’re staying unless you feel safe to do so. Although I was solo travelling in the States last year, I never once said to people where I was staying. In fact, I always made out that my boyfriend was at the hotel. 

If you ever find yourself lost, which can be fun sometimes (not always) go into a busy local bar, a restaurant or a hotel. Worst case scenario is you will have to pay for a taxi to get you home. I’ve done this before and felt no shame about it! 

Never worry about coming across as dismissive if you reject a seemingly kind local’s offers; your safety always comes first. Trust your instincts; they are your best defence. 

Use these tools, and I can assure you that solo travelling will be a smooth and one to remember.  

Thank you so much for having a read. If you have time, read on my other solo travel posts: 

Have you ever travelled solo? When was your last solo trip? What scares you the most if you haven’t gone solo before?

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