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MyBreakingViews| #Coachella2018 TB VLOG

I hadn’t planned to do a video for my Coachella experience until a few people asked me where’s the video. So I thought let me gather some videos from my snapchat and create a little MBV video.

So does that mean MyBreakingViews is BACK ?? Yes MyBreakingViews is back for GOOD and has so so much planned for you!

Keep watching and I hope you enjoy the vlog. As always don’t forget to subscribe for my travel and lifestyle vlogs.

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MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries : Coachella

Welcome to the first entry of the MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries. I took this idea from one my fave travel bloggers Wanderlust Calls, check out her Black Girl Travel Diaries!!

So why have I decided to choose Coachella? Well it’s simple it has been the only place that I have been that is real time. Let me explain, it has been the only place that I have been too that (except Nigeria) I have written about while I am still travelling. You know most of the time I come back home (England) reflect ask people what they would like me to write about – no one ever applies and so I write what I want.

I wanted to write this post in the real time because I wanted you to see how different and open I can be when I’m abroad. You may not see it through my writing or my video below but me telling you should be a start.

So here goes my first real time travel diaries – I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Please note I will be sharing old Travel Diaries but I wanted this to be the first.

See you soon…


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