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Taste The World: A Beginner’s Guide to Global Gastronomic Adventures E-book


BUY this e-book today and start your global gastronomic adventures!



Your global gastronomic adventures start today. Whether you want to travel to your favourite destinations, explore and see the world’s wonders while indulging in the world’s most amazing foods and dishes. If you are a travel foodie, then this e-book is your ultimate guide to ensuring all of the above.

I have always enjoyed food. After living in Singapore, I knew I wanted to travel, see the world, and eat my gastronomic heart out. After the pandemic, the world was in lockdown, which meant no one could travel; during this time, I dived in with my passion for travel food. I have travelled to nearly 50 countries worldwide and have put together all the best tips, tricks and hacks for your food adventures.

In purchasing this e-book, you won’t need to look elsewhere. The book contains all the fundamentals you will need to travel while fulfilling your gastronomic adventures in under 60 pages!

I want you to experience the magic of food travel!

The e-book has 0nly 59 pages filled with lots and lots of fantastic travel food tips and hacks to help you travel your gastronomic adventures.

I am always seeing people stick with the foods they know. I want people to travel and understand a country’s true essence through food. Seeing people travel to countries like Peru, Jordan or Tanzania only to eat pizza or chips doesn’t allow travellers to really embrace a country’s culture. That is why I put this book together to share how to choose your foodie destination, travel food activities, travel tips, hacks, advice on building your itinerary and tricks to help bring your gastronomic adventure dreams to life. And guess what? It’s as cheap as chips! It’s only £10! That’s the same price as the Big Mac Meal from Burger King – this is better. You get everything you need to start your travel foodie dreams today! Why wouldn’t you purchase it?


You are tired of eating the basic foods and want to start your culinary adventures, but how do you start?

In this book, you will have all the answers to the following:

  • How to pick your culinary destination
  • How to save money while travelling
  • How to plan your food-centric journey
  • How to deal with food hygiene safety concerns
  • The best authentic local eateries
  • How to eat healthy while travelling
  • The value of practising food etiquette
  • How to find the best accommodations, transport and flight prices
  • And much more!

This is your time to change your travel experiences to not just travelling but really tasting and indulging in the true essence of a country. This is the first and the best gastronomic book you will purchase. This book will give you that much-needed kick to start tasting the world.

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me Otherwise I hope you really start living your gastronomic adventure dreams.

Love MBV x



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