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‘If You Are Not A Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant Or Engineer, You Don’t Have A Good Job’!

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Before we get into this, I will like to thankfully say that this has never been said to me directly. I mean, of course, my parents (mother mostly) did try to encourage me to study law at university. I decided to study what I was passionate about – Politics; and I even went further to add International Politics. I mean, I just wasn’t interested in getting into Law or medicine as a profession (mainly because I suck at Science). I always thought I could still study Law in the future and get the good job mummy wanted. If I really really wanted to, and even now I know I really do not want to. 

What’s my point here? 

Well, my point is this. Traditionally and culturally, we are made to believe that if you are not a Lawyer, Accountant, Doctor or Engineer. You do not have a good enough job! This is absolute nonsense! There are so many other jobs in the world that are just are highly or even more important/valuable/ profitable. For example (IT, Entertainment, etc, for example) but which some people mentally believe are not prestigious enough because they don’t fall into one of the four above. 

I’m very lucky that God has blessed me with my own head on my own shoulders; taught me to follow my passion rather than the logic/dogma of those who are not living my life. Now don’t get me wrong. I think those professions are absolutely amazing! And if you can get into and have a deep devotion to them, go right ahead! What I’m trying to say is. Never ever allow anyone to tell you that your own choices are wrong for you. Especially if you know that what you have chosen is exactly what you want.

Live your Life

My opinion is: always follow your dreams and do exactly what you want. If you don’t, you may, in fact, end up living someone else’s life. Rather than your own – and you may never, ever attain your full potential, find fulfilment or happiness!

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