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Experience the world through Food: 20+ Dishes you will want to try when Travelling the World

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Experience the world through food, how? If anyone asked you what you loved about travelling, what would you say? I’m guessing you know what mine is.

Travelling to experience new dishes around the world is something I have always enjoyed doing and lucky for me I have been able to continue this experience in my very own home through #CookingTravelTalks.

Let’s face it when travelling one has to eat! However, some people view food differently I like to think of food as an experience. You can experience the world through food in so many different ways when exploring the world, some of my favourite dishes have included Singaporean Nasi Goreng, Nigerian Suya and many more. I decided that it would be a great idea to ask my fellow travel bloggers about some of the amazing foods they have experienced when travelling the world. As I write this post, my mouth waters from all the amazing dishes I have seen!

Below is a list of some food you must experience in the world. Warning please don’t read this post if you haven’t eaten. You are about to see some amazing food! You are very welcome!

Who knows you might one day be able to experience this in real life at home or when we can travel freely again.

How to Experience the World through Food

Singapore: Chicken Rice

I think I will have to go first and tell you about my favourite dish (it’s only fair – right) I know I mentioned earlier that I love Suya and Nasi Goreng, but I have to say if I could eat anything in the world right now it would have to be Singaporean Chicken Rice. The dish is made up succulent steamed white chicken cut into bite-size pieces and served on fragrant rice with some light soy sauce, and accompanied by a garlic-chilli dip.

experience the world through food
Chicken rice
Chicken Rice

You can purchase this dish at a local Hawkers in Singapore and I would advise finishing this with a nice cold can of coke.

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Greece: Lemon Chicken

This was probably the best chicken I have ever had in my whole entire life. The outside was crispy and slightly burnt just how I like it, and the inside was so juicy.

When I took that first bite it was like I had entered this world of lemon chicken and charcoal that all lived harmoniously together as one. The chicken transported me to a world that I never knew could exist. They paired the chicken with grilled avocado, I never knew this dish existed but now I make it all the time. Every single day I think about this chicken and how emotional it made me feel.

Lemon Chicken -experience the world through food
Lemon Chicken

Picture and description: Terilyn check out their Podcast

Thailand: Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

I enjoyed the food shrimp fried rice dish in Thailand so much because everything tasted very fresh, with complex flavour profiles. It also felt very familiar in taste, like some Nigerian dishes I’ve had. I love how many profiles are included in a single dish, the exploration of sweet and savoury in Thai dishes is beautiful.

I loved the balance between sweet and savoury. It was a spicy dish but had a sweetness to it. This is the perfect meal to have in Phuket, Thailand as we were surrounded by small islands and the ocean so the dish fit the tropical vibes of where I was at the time

experience the world through food
Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

Picture and description Femi & Bukky check out their Blog

China: Pecking Duck

The restaurant brought out a whole duck with the head still attached and chopped it up next to our table. They then laid out an assortment of toppings like spring onion, cucumber, and a sweet sauce. I took a thin pancake to add some duck and the toppings I wanted and rolled it up. The duck tasted incredible it had a crispy skin.

The sauce is another highlight as its sweetness adds a rich touch to the meaty flavour of the duck. The restaurant I went to was Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant about a kilometre east of the Forbidden City.

experience the world through food
Peckin Duck

Picture and description: Dakota Koenig check out their Blog

Peru: Ceviche

Ceviche is one of the most famous Peruvian dishes, made with pieces of raw fish marinated in lime juice and chilli to ‘cook’ the fish. I love seafood so I couldn’t wait to try this dish.

Generally, Ceviche is made with a white fish such as sea bass or sole, although you can also get mixed Ceviche including mussels and cooked prawns, a Ceviche of concha Negra (black blood clams) in Lima and the North of Peru, or trout Ceviche around Lake Titicaca. The combination of tender fish, tangy lime and a chilli kick really was the best thing I ate in Peru!

peru experience the world through food

Picture and description Claire check out the Blog

France: French Toast

I enjoyed my French toast because it was sweet, flavourful and I was excited to try authentic French toast in Paris! It’s very different from the French toast I’ve had in the UK. In the UK, the French toast I had was served with fruit and has been usually 2 pieces of sweetened bread.

I remember the strong vanilla and cinnamon flavours that came through and caramel drizzle. I tried this at the Bistro Des Champs on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. It’s a nice restaurant with seating upstairs and downstairs. The wait staff were friendly and I would definitely go back when visiting Paris.

french toast experience the world through food
French Toast

Picture and description submitted:  Athina  check out the Blog

Poland: Pierogies

Polish food is one that’s still quite new to me having only tried it for the first time on my trip to Warsaw a few years ago.

Pierogies are most people’s intro to Polish cuisine. They’re sweet or savoury filled dumplings that you can get boiled or fried. It’s a real comfort filling dish and I went for the fried pierogi which had a soft meat filling and a slightly crispy exterior. I also tried placki ziemniaczane which are potato pancakes – kind of like giant hash browns. Mine was smothered with a rich meaty goulash stew and topped with sour cream whilst my friend had hers with a creamy, decadent mushroom sauce. What made our meal even sweeter was that it came to £16 in total and that even included mulled wine and some soft drinks.

If you’re looking to try delicious and authentic Polish food and you happen to find yourself in Warsaw then Restauracja Zapiecek is the place to visit!


Picture and description submitted: Tolu check out the Blog

Japan: Misokatsu

I was first introduced to this dish by a friend of mine in Japan at a local Nagoya chain called Yabaton.

For my second trip to Japan, I wanted to explore other cities and he was eager to show me what Nagoya’s speciality was and it was this – Misokatsu! The miso sauce on top has an intense, rich flavour. It’s not sweet like miso but it has a thick sauce that drips heavenly onto your katsu cutlet. And I really was in heaven! I’m dying to go back to Japan to try it again!

experience the world through food
Misokatsu Yabaton

Picture and description submitted: Nyasha check out the Blog

Russia: Pirozhki

During this extremely special experience of having Russian tea and sweet treats with one of the warm and welcoming residents of Svirstroy, we were given a fascinating insight into Russian life today alongside traditional Russian tea and Pirozhki which are their local pastries.

This is basically a puff pastry which consists of individual-sized baked or fried buns stuffed with a variety of fillings with origins in Russia and Ukraine. Some are sweet and savoury and they are extremely popular with a cup of black tea!”

Picture and description submitted: Georgie check out the Blog

Nigeria: Suya

I first tried suya as an adult when I visited Nigeria. I had just been on a six hour road trip from Delta to Lagos and I was starving.

My mother asked if I wanted to try some suya despite me being a vegetarian at the time. I decided to experience suya because it fascinated me that it was served in a newspaper. All I can say is the pepper and succulent meat transformed me into eating meat again – hahaha! It is usually served with fresh tomatoes and onions. You can purchase this anywhere in Nigeria the best place in Benin.

If you are looking to experience pepper this is the dish for you!


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America: Braised Short Ribs

Braised short ribs, mascarpone grits with English Peas. All locally sourced and gluten-free. Restaurant in Asheville, Nc called Posona. One of my favourite meals I had in the south. The dish was outstanding. Very tender, rich, creamy goodness.

experience the world through food
Braised short ribs, mascarpone grits with English Peas.

Picture and description submitted: check out the Blog

Finland: Lingonberries

Lingonberries are a speciality in Finland. They’re a round, red berry found in forests. They add a very tart, almost sour taste which means Finnish chefs and use them to accompany both savoury and sweet dishes. I had this lush lingonberry cheesecake.

It’s the perfect addition to a rich cheesecake and made it taste light and fruity. I had it at Kappeli, the oldest restaurant in Helsinki which opened in 1867. It was recommended to me by a local who said it had the best salmon soup in the city. In fact, they specialise in soups and they have a different one available every day. For €11.90 you can refill your soup, bread and coffee as much as you like!

Lingonberries Cheesecake

Picture and description submitted: Beth check out the Blog

Morocco: Vegetable Tagine

Tagine is a flavorful stew loved with vegetables, meat, couscous and traditional spices. A base of lemon couscous, filled with an array of vegetables from carrots, zucchini (courgette), cucumber and squash, topped with golden raisins and seasoned with the rich flavours of Morocco, onion powder, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, coriander and more, all of the flavours mixed to create this robust stew that I could not get enough of.

I tried this dish in Marrakesh, Morocco and would recommend this as a must-try when visiting Morocco when people talk about “tasting the culture” this is exactly what they mean. There are many types of meat or vegetarian options to satisfy most dietary needs, without losing the flavour or essence of the dish.

Tagine - experience the world through food

Picture and description submitted: Kaylan check out the Blog

Columbia: Mojarra

I had this dish in El Mirador de la Boquilla, in Cartagena, Colombia and highly recommend for the flavour and freshness of the meal!

I loved this dish because the different flavours complimented eachother well on my tastebuds! The fish was fresh which is a bonus of visiting a coastal area! The plantain was the kind of crispiness unique to Latin America dishes, the coconut rice was a good accompaniment with the creamy texture of the avocado salad.

best food in the world Columbia Mojarra with Patacones (plantain) Coconut Rice & Salad
Mojarra with Patacones (plantain) Coconut Rice & Salad

Picture and description submitted: Jess check out the Blog

Sweden: Fika

You haven’t really been to Sweden until you’ve had a “Fika”. The Swedish tradition ”Fika” (meaning to take a break, sit down with a friend for a cup of coffee and some baked goods) has become a worldwide sensation. Fika is a way of life in Sweden and it’s something you must experience whenever you visit.

Swedish cinnamon buns are very different from the standard cinnamon rolls you’re used to at home, the main difference being the addition of cardamom to the cinnamon bun dough and filling. It has a strong flavour that goes hand in hand with the pearl sugar icing sugar.

If you’re ever in Gothenburg be sure to head down to Haga a charming neighbourhood packed with cafes, cobbled streets and lots of Fika.

fika - Experience the world through Food

Picture and description submitted: Jenna check out the Blog

Cambodia: Fish Amok

I went on a food tour whilst in Cambodia and loved the dish Fish Amok. The dish is prepared slightly differently across the region of the country but is typically served in a banana leaf as the curry and eaten with rice.

It is both a sweet and sour dish but can be quite spicy depending on taste. There is coconut cream and fish paste within it to enhance the flavours of the steamed rice. We even had the opportunity to make a fish amok dish during a cooking class as well. It is a dish that I forever associate with my time on that food trip to Cambodia.

fish amok Cambodia - experience the world through food

Picture and description submitted: Latoya check out the Blog

Turkey: Adana Kebab

If you don’t try kebab in Istanbul, did you really go?

Kebab in Istanbul is usually paired with soup, bread with hummus, rice – all the works! There a few different kebabs on my plate but the most memorable was the ‘Adana kebab’.

It had a chargrilled taste because it was cooked on an open grill. The meat wasn’t tough though, it was perfectly tender and very well-seasoned. It was also significantly better than any kebab I’d ever tasted. I was told this was because kebabs come from different regions in Turkey and ae suited to regional tastes. I’d say a regional difference sums my trip to Turkey. I started in serene, quiet Cappadocia which felt like a dream.

turkey best foods -experience the world through food

Picture and description submitted: Pricilla check out the Blog

Loas: Pork Laab

Experience the world through Pork Laab. The reason why I’d choose this is because it is quick and easy to make, and shares all of the tastes of Asia; spicy, salty, sour and sweet. It is also very healthy as it’s stir-fried, with small lettuce leaves like a tortilla to eat the dish.

PORK LAAB - loas - experience the world through food
Pork Laab

Picture and description submitted: Craig and Lisa check out the Blog

South Africa: Beef Donbolo

The Beef Donbolo (a South African beef stew) is a popular hearty traditional dish that is full of flavour. This dish came highly recommended so I definitely had to try it and after experiencing it I can see why.

The stew was rich in flavour, a tomato beef stock with onions, carrots and spices. It was well seasoned and cooked to perfection, allowing for enjoyable consumption. The Beef Donbolo is paired with spinach and traditional dumplings which are simple and thick allowing the stew to be soaked up. You definitely have to try this dish out if you go! – stew is always a good idea.

Beef Donbolo
Beef Donbolo

Picture and description submitted: Liz check out the blog

Spain: Vegan Prawns

Who would have ever thought Peruvian food could be so vegan-friendly? Not me! Before traveling to Madrid, I didn’t expect to find an entirely vegan Peruvian restaurant there. But I’m so glad I tried it out. There is a ton of vegan food in Madrid, but the dishes at Los Andenes Vegan absolutely blew me away.

The Peruvian chef creates absolute masterpieces. From tamales to vegan prawns that look exactly like the real deal, the dishes are incredibly tasty. Obviously Peru is known for potatoes so I got some amazing potato dishes there as well, such as Papa a la huancaína which is a potato in a delicious creamy sauce. And then there were less obvious dishes such as a Peruvian stir-fry! I had never tried Peruvian food before, but after my visit to this restaurant, I am definitely thinking about booking a trip to Peru! 

Picture and description submitted: Nina check out the blog

Budapest: Hungarian Goulash

Goulash is one of the most famous Hungarian dishes. It is a rich soup/stew made up of meat (normally beef), vegetables and seasoned with paprika and other spices. On my first trip to Budapest, the goulash I tried was more of a soup and to be honest, it was watery and lacking flavour.

The next time I was in Budapest, I did a lot more research into the food and restaurants and I had an amazing time exploring the city through its food. During this trip, I decided to try goulash again. The goulash I had this time, was more of a stew and it was served with nokedli, Hungarian dumplings (AKA a pasta made with fresh eggs).

This dish turned out to be the best meal of my entire trip! The beef was tender and the stew was bursting with flavour.

experience the world through food

Picture and description submitted: Debbie check out the Blog

Jamaica: Snapper, Pepper prawns and Dumplings

When in Jamaica you have to try some fish snapper, dumpling and pepper prawns. Snapper is a popular dish in Jamaica. The fish is collected from the Hellish beach and is rich in freshness. You can find this fish anywhere in Jamaica in festivals it’s usually served fried.

Pepper prawns, dumpling and snapper with salad

Picture and description submitted: Renee check out her instagram.

Australia: Kangaroo

Honestly, the scariest part about tasting this is realising that you’re eating a Kangaroo. It’s very chewy and tough but when seasoned and cooked good the taste is amazing.

I don’t eat beef so it’s a good substitute for steak. I’ve heard it has better health qualities compared to a steak. You can get good a good kangaroo anywhere in Australia. It’s a major source of meat out there so any Australian restaurant will have it and know how to cook it well.

experience the world through food

Picture and description submitted: Shermee check out the Blog

Czech Republic:Delectable Beer Cake

If you ever get to visit the Czech Republic be sure to check out the very reasonably priced Pivovarsky Klub restaurant/pubs in Prague. They provide the full Czech experience with an array of traditional hearty food which you can match with a variety of bottled beers plus several on tap.

I enjoyed their food because it oozed the rich flavours you would associate with good traditional home comfort food. For the array of small dishes I ate, the food was very filling. Highly recommend their delectable beer cake as the texture was so light and fluffy despite it being made with beer. The beer although not overpowering, really brought out the flavour of the chocolate and took it to another level with the added cream on top.

beer cake - experience the world through food
Delectable Beer Cake

Picture and description submitted: Yinka check out the Podcast

Vietnam: Banh Cuon

I tried this dish in Haiphong (Vietnam) and would recommend it because it’s so simple yet so flavoursome dish. Banh Cuon is sheets of steamed rice, which can be filled with meat/veg or served without a filling, often garnished with fried crispy onions and a side of meat (sausage or some kind of meat party). The rolls are dipped into a fish sauce with a little black pepper, fresh chilli, garlic and kumquat to season the fish sauce.

It’s the perfect warming breakfast dish (although you can find spots that serve it throughout the day).

Banh Cuon best foods - experience the world through food
Banh Cuon

Picture and description submitted: Kai check out the Blog

Final thoughts….

Do you feel like you have experienced the world through food after reading the post? I am hungry after adding all these pictures of food! Many times we travel we are never sure what to taste or experience. These epic dishes will let you know what to get on your travels. Of course, I haven’t covered everything. It will be an absolute dream of mine – to experience the world through food.

There’s is so much food in the world for us to experience. I bet you can name something in the comments below that I haven’t included in the post. Now that I have started CookingTravelTalks I will, of course, be sharing and experiencing more foods around the world- so stay tuned. We are going to experience the world through food.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the amazing travel bloggers that contributed to the different foods in this post.

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    August 11, 2020

    OMG, this is amazing and there’s something from every continent which is amazing! Love the post and thank you for including me! ??

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      Thank you so much contributing! I love that there is something from pretty much every continent. I’m really glad you liked it!

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    Such a good array of foods here and some I’ve never heard of before like the beer cake who knew!

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      Hey Tayo! I know right there is so much that I was like oh my I have to try once I am able to travel again including the beer cake!

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