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Blogger Spotlight: Adebola of MyBreakingViews| Black British Bloggers

See original article here – Blogger Spotlight: Adebola of MyBreakingViews

Introducing Adebola of MyBreakingViews…

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.

am MyBreakingViews and I love stating an opinion, so when it came to
creating a blog I knew I …

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MyBreakingViews| Get To Know Me Tag/ #TMI Tag – Crying, Kids & Men That Smell

Heyyy Everybody – So I deleted the #TMI video by accident sorry! (can you leave the comments again so I can reply – you can tell I am new to this!)

I thought I should let you guys get to know MyBreakingViews just because I jumped right in with my views…. so sit …

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So, as I said. I wish I could have shared all the countries I have been to. And so I did (well one of them). I went to Iceland last year in August for 5 days. And I must say it was the best country I have been to for a long time. Gathered a …

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It’s So Important To Visit/ Go Back Home

Happy New Month Everyone! Today I am going to talk about the importance of visiting or going back home!

I seem to be talking about Africa (well Nigeria) a lot lately, which I believe is not spoken about enough!

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Hello again, today I will be talking about being your number one fan!

I can’t believe how quickly this year is going already! So many people are building and creating new spaces, business ideas, vlogs, blogs, etc – and I think it’s great! But who is your biggest fan? Do you have any …

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Are You Broke This Christmas?

Oh the 25th of December has not always been the best day for me until. Well not until the last few years when I have spent it with family that actually count. It’s a day for many of us to spend with family or friends (I say that with caution). To buy presents and to …

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