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My First Nigerian Wedding Experience In Nigeria!

As I have been writing about my stay in Nigeria check it out on Nigerians Travel Too – Tales from Lagos -an IJGB’s Version

I thought I should carry on by sharing my cuz wedding that I attended last year. It was the first Nigerian wedding that I had …

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Tales from Lagos -an IJGB’s Version | Nigerians Travel Too

See original article here – Tales from Lagos -an IJGB’s Version 

NTT: Do you feel like Nigeria is home? 

MBV: Yes and No. When I go to Nigeria, I do feel like I am home. It’s a weird feeling though. I belong as regards my …

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My 6 Thoughts On What Makes A Good Friend.

What actually makes a good friend? Read below on My 6 Thoughts On What Makes A Good Friend.

1. Listen to your friends

Please note this may not apply to everyone. I’ve witnessed people do the absolute opposite. But thankfully I’m not friends with them, so I’m ok. 

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The Best And Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel

What have been the best and worst airlines for holiday travel?

I think it is fair to say that I have received substantial air miles in the last 7 years. When I lived in Singapore and travelled around South East Asia, I wasn’t aware that I could …

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My first award: Liebster Award!

I can’t Thank God enough! Last day of the first month and I’m so excited to announce that I have been awarded the Liebster Award! This is my first reward that I have received for my blog and hopefully the first of many. I want to say a BIG Thanks to Wanderlust

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I was born in North London but grew up in a little village outside Swindon so a country girl at heart but city girl by nature as I moved back to London when I was 16. I studied International Politics at Kings College London which was disappointing for me as I really wanted to get …

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