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Don’t TOUCH, Ask Q’s About MY HAIR

This is for the beautiful amazing black QUEENS out there in the corporate world that just want a new fresh hairstyle, but threat on how to deal with “those comments and questions” read more you will understand….

Warning you may want to apply a slight American dialect to this but …

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MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries : Coachella

Welcome to the first entry of the MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries. I took this idea from one my fave travel bloggers Wanderlust Calls, check out her Black Girl Travel Diaries!!

why have I decided to choose Coachella? Well it’s simple it has been
the only place that I …

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Coachella 2018 – What is it? Booking Flights, Festival Tickets & Hotel

I had planned to write while I was at Coachella (yeah – like that was ever going to happen). This was a very good idea at the time but then I realised I was enjoying myself way too much and just like that it turned out that I didn’t do a damn thing. Well, I …

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Make It A Habit To Visit A New Country Yearly.

You should always make it a habit to visit a new country.

I regret not documenting my stay in Singapore on a blog or a vlog. As many of you may know, when I moved to Singapore. I took it with both hands and also travelled to other countries in South East Asia. I am …

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8 Things To Know Before Studying Abroad.

Being at University seems a long distant memory, when in actual fact it was only a few years ago that I was taking my last exams on my study abroad and getting ready for graduation. I remember it all like it was yesterday. The most memorable part of my University experience was studying abroad in …

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Hope you have been enjoying the sun. I most certainly have! Recently attended the Royal Ascots 2017 and it was absolutely amazing! I have been wanting to attend the Ascots for so long and when one of my closest friends said she also wanted to go I knew I had to make it happen! I …

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