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A Day with MBV In Prague

Welcome to my first series in A Day with MBV in Prague.

Today’s A Day with MBV…will be in Prague! I enjoyed visiting Prague because it was a short flight; the journey to the airport was just the best (I met some of the …

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Series: A Day with MBV…

Welcome to my Series: A Day with MBV

Before I get into the logistics. I would like to say that I hope the month of August is a fruitful month for every single one of us. Can you believe it’s been two weeks since I relaunched MyBreakingViews website? It has been extremely overwhelming with all …

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Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway

It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela

I was going to title my first blog post: “Disappointed with my lack of consistency.” But then realised that the title would’ve been a little too harsh. My boyfriend reminded me that being disappointed with …

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Birthday Reflections: Five Life Rules I Will Be Living By This Year.

Where the heck did this year go? I feel like we should now be heading into summer, yet my birthday is already here! Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love it and will be gladly embracing this wonderful opportunity to celebrate. In honour of it being my  …

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MyBreakingViews 10 Travel Hacks In Seeing The World

Today I will be sharing MyBreakingViews 10 travel hacks in seeing the world. Come on let’s get into it!

1. Study Exchange.

can’t say this enough, do a study exchange if you are at uni/college of
course. Yes those of you that are in those establishments should have
lots of …

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How Did I Travel To 15 Countries In 7 Months??

This one of the main question I get asked over and over again. I even ask myself sometimes how did I do it? I still can’t believe I did 15 countries in less than seven months, but I did. And of course it still very doable. In 2013, I never knew I was going to …

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