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Travelling Perceptions & Safety: Why I don’t Allow the Experiences Stop me From Seeing The World?

The social digital world will tell you how unsafe the world is. The media will show you the poor areas of Africa, screening epidemics of Ebola and all types of diseases. They will even go as far as showing documentaries of drug cartels in South America – many that can be found on Netflix …

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An Expert Guide: What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Packing for a weekend getaway is a difficult task, believe me. The thought of packing now gives me shudders. 

I’ve been travelling for over six years, and I still hate the thought of packing especially for a weekend getaway. Why do I not like packing you ask? Well, it’s simple. You can carry …

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5 Things You Should Know When Taking A Stopover Flight

I sometimes quite like a stopover, layover, connecting or transit flight. If you are smart enough, you can kill two birds with one stone; take a glimpse of a country – provided you have enough time to do so. And the indirect flight usually works out cheaper than a direct flight!

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Black History Month: Why More Black People Should Give Blood

At 17 years old I became a blood donor. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t a little nervous. I had never donated blood before, and the nurse at the time complained she couldn’t find a vein. After my session, I remember feeling like I had done something powerful. I was giving blood which could …

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 How To Keep In Contact with Your International Friends & Family Around The World

It seems like more and more people are doing study exchanges, moving abroad, and travelling nowadays. This is great! I LOVE people going and seeing the world. In travelling, moving abroad people can make lifetime international friends around the globe.

I LOVE people going and seeing …

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The Perfect Tools on How To Apply for a Study Exchange

Are you thinking of applying for a study exchange?

I always say ‘studying abroad is such an amazing opportunity’. You meet people from around the world, embrace a new culture, and possibly even learn a new language. There are so many advantages to studying abroad before you can get to …

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