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It’s summer & I hope you are all doing really well… (you can tell I love the sun right?) I know it’s been a while, but I did say I would be back here and there! Anyways…. I went to The First Black British Bloggers Social event @BB_Bloggers and finally met the founder! There was also a number of amazing bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and black business owners! It was a great chance to meet people, network and learn about building your platform and others! Enjoy the vlog lovely peeps! P.S I deleted some of the videos so not the all of the event is there but you get the drift!

What I was wearing to Black British Bloggers Social Event:




Speakers at the event:

Jay Curlture ~

Ronke Lawal ~…

Ade Akins ~

Nicola Millington ~ https://marketingwithlove.wordpress.c…

Yvette Henry ~

Tatenda Ubuntugraphy~ @ubuntugraphy

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