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Houston Travel Guide: Things to Do in Houston, Texas

Hey MyBreakingViewers,

When I reintroduced my blog as an official travel blog, the plan was to work backwards; write about all the countries I’ve been to. Working backwards I have been to America, Nigeria, America AGAIN, Italy, Morocco, Germany, Iceland the list goes on, but I feel that I need to jump around sometimes because talking about one country requires almost 4/5 posts.

I feel like I have been writing a lot about Nigeria, and have made some reference to Coachella and other travel hacks; and I have considered that  I need to just write about my travelling in general. Have any of you been to Houston? I’ve been twice and it always surprises me how much there is to do.

I visited Houston a few days in Sept last year just after my birthday (I think I landed on my birthday actually). It was just after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and I wasn’t 100% sure that I was going to be able to fly out there. I was able to land in Houston, but due to people stealing from  peoples houses during the flood, there was a curfew for 12am in the morning! Can you believe people where stealing from peoples houses during such a disaster! There was lots of road closures, which made the journeys 10x longer. So it was quite difficult to do anything. However, the curfew got lifted after a couple of days of being in Houston and I was able to do a few things. Please note everything on this list hasn’t all been done, but as my Dad lives in Texas I am sure I will find the time to do all the things on the list.


So to give you some inspiration and ideas of things to do for a  trip or getaway in Houston here’s a quick list! I included a few things that are budget friendly and/or free too

Top Things to Do in Houston, Texas

1. Go to the Houston Zoo

houston zoo entrance. houston zoo photos. things to do in housotn

With over 6,000 animals including snakes, lions, monkeys, bears, elephants, flamingos & many more the Houston zoo is great for all ages! I would highly recommend getting their early to beat the the long lines….

2. Tour Houston’s Streets

Colourful streets are all the craze right now & Houston has tons of them! Best of all, this is a free thing to do! In fact, I noticed there’s lots of art in the centre of Houston.

3. Go Shopping or Ice Skate at Houston Galleria Mall

I’ve been here and it is lussssh, with over 2 million square feet (they weren’t lying when they said everything is bigger in Texas, huh) this mall has over 375 stores, 30 restaurants, 2 hotels, and a full size ice skating rink! Perfect way to spend the afternoon! There is also amazing shopping, I’m a Zara lover and this was just great!

4. Go to Eddies V’s Prime Seafood

This has to be the most amazing seafood I have ever tasted in my life. My sister took me for my birthday and the service we received was just the BEST.

5. Visit the Houston Downtown Aquarium

houston things to do

I came here the first time I went to Houston with my Dad, I felt like a little kid and I was 21 years old!! Here you can see over 200 species of aquatic life including fish, alligators, sharks, snakes, & jellyfish. You can also see white tigers & even pet & feed a sting ray! This is also included with your CityPASS!

6. Explore the NASA Houston Space Center

NASA houston space center

This was one of my favorite parts of the trip! I definitely recommend spending an entire day here. You get to go inside the multiple exhibit complex Independence Plaza, which features the original shuttle carrier aircraft, touch a real moon rock, see real space shuttles that were actually flown, & walk inside the training station where astronauts actually trained for life in space. This is also included with your CityPASS!

7. Houston Museum District

Featuring 19 museums including the Houston Museum of African American Culture, Holocaust Museum, Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Children’s Museum, 11 What’s your favourite thing to do in Houston? Let me know in the comments!

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5 Things You Need To Know About The Royal Ascots …

So much has been happening since my last post! The World Cup, Super Eagles 2018 World Cup Jersey sold out in half an hour. Coachella pre-sale tickets have already sold out! If you are going this next year make sure to read my post on. Coachella 2018 – What is it? Booking Flights, Festival Tickets & Hotel and Royal Ascots are just around the corner

Although I won’t be attending the Ascots this year, simply because I have made myself a rule, which is to try something new every year. I went to the Royal Ascots in 2017, an event that brings out the most elegant outfits and engages people from around the globe. The event was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed every single minute of it and I thought it would be good to share my top tips on the day itself!

Wear comfy shoes

This is no joke! The friend I went with hates people taking their shoes off during a day or night out. So I wore my old shoes to ensure comfortability. I suck at wearing heels and at one point had to take them off. Luckily my friend felt sorry for me and didn’t complain. My advice for this type of event would be get yourself a pair of wedges. They don’t look as nice as heels with a dress. However, they are so much comfier than a pair of heels trust me.

Don’t be afraid to gamble

I was the person that was afraid to gamble, which never made any sense as I was only going to the ROYAL ASCOTS!!!! Now I am not saying spend all your hard earn cash! Budget! Set yourself a budget and stick to it because, boy oh boy you can get carried away.

Have a big breakfast

Make sure you give yourself a good start to the day with a big breakfast! Especially if you’re planning on drinking. I caught the train with my friend from Waterloo Station. As it was Royal Ascot day. Waterloo station was heaving with people in elegant dresses and suits. So I didn’t have time to pick up some food. By the time we got there all I wanted to do is eat. Let me tell you now that the food isn’t cheap so make sure you fill your stomach up.

Buy a Race Card

Silly me! I didn’t buy a race card not realising it was a big mistake. My friend was the smart one and paid the extra £4.50, which I believe helped her on the day. The race card gives you all the information you need to know about the races, horses and jockey. And anything else that is happening on the day.

Portable Charger

Ladies and Gentlemen, please please don’t forget your portable charger. It is so needed on a day like this!

Hope my tips will help! And if you are planning to go don’t forget to add your tips to the comment section below.

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What I Learnt on my Solo Travel to Vegas

If I were to say to you that I travelled from Los Angeles to Vegas on my lonesome by bus, would you believe me? Being the traveller that I am, I’m used to taking solo flights across country by myself with the small exception of someone always waiting for me on the other side. This year, I decided that I was going to attend Coachella with some friends who live America, who would then have to go back to their respective homes after the weekend festivities – unfortunately for my dear friends, Americans don’t get the best annual leave entitlements.

One thing I knew for sure though, after an 11-hour flight, a weekend just wouldn’t be enough for me and I wasn’t about to go home that quickly. I decided to stick around and travel solo to Vegas.

From then on, I knew I was going to have to do some travelling alone….

Now don’t get it twisted, I can admit that I may have been slightly dramatic about it at first, I had so many thoughts rushing through my head like, “isn’t it weird to travel by yourself?” or “what good is travelling if its not a shared experience?” let me not forget my personal fave, “who’s going to take my pictures?”which actually didn’t turn out to be too bad, who would’ve known the world had so many budding photographers, believe me when I say they did better than some of my closest friends (I know my friends won’t take offence LOOL)

There is something truly special about traveling alone, I feel like I had enough me time to think through a lot of things, things that would be beneficial to myself, and others around me. It was a refreshing experience and I would like to share the seven things I learnt whilst travelling solo.

When you’re travelling with friends, you tend to spend too much time on entertaining each other rather than socialising and meeting new people. 

Travelling solo brought new confidence within me as I had to encourage myself to speak with the locals, I found that people tend to be more open and friendly when you tell them you’re from abroad and travelling by yourself, they would suggest cool and funky places I should visit during my time there.

Disclaimer – I wouldn’t suggest telling everybody that you are travelling by yourself, remember stranger danger, and not everybody is your friend. Use your discretion wisely.

5 Reason to Travel Solo

Do what you want to do, when you want to do it

Sometimes with friends, you aren’t able to do everything you would like to, as you would also have to take into consideration their wants and needs, which could prove to be difficult to coordinate in a short space of time. There seems to be an endless amount of planning (boring!) then you have those with the ‘assigned/ unassigned’ roles, you have your leaders, your followers, and the unbothered’s who just go with the flow. Travelling alone made me be all of those at once. It was amazing, when I wanted to go home, I went home; I went wherever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to, it was just GREAT!!

It’s empowering

When you travel alone, you can’t rely on someone else to read the map or carefully organise your day, you must do it all.  And it’s easy. you will find out very quickly at every step, that you can rise to the occasion. You have no choice. By making your own plans and caring for yourself, you’ll find you come away stronger, more confident and self-reliant.

Alone time is good for your soul 

Alone time is so therapeutic, naturally, I am an introvert and so is my boyfriend. We have always agreed that this sometimes can be a negative trait. At home, I’m a very distant person, that sometimes it can feel like it’s you against the world. However, when you are alone in another country, you can have time to really connect with yourself away from the bullshit reality that we live day in and day out. It forces you to search your soul. Then come back home with dreams you never knew you even had, its like a deeper spiritual feeling.

New friends are not that hard to come by

Being in America with a British accent really worked to my advantage. It can sometimes be intimidating speaking with new people but if you never try, how will you know where your conversation could lead you. On my way to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, I met a lovely lady and her mother who took me under their wing for the day. We had such a great time and I don’t regret plucking up the courage to speak with them. I have now met someone who I am very much likely to carry on speaking to for years to come.

Thank God for Social Media

My friends always knew where I was, we made sure to have quick check-ins. Despite being in different countries I knew that if my friends didn’t see an update on social media for more than 48 hours they would begin to worry; a definite plus was that I was in an English-speaking country so no language barriers, and being Daddy’s girl. My dad who also lives in the states was always checking up on me, making sure I wasn’t getting up to no good.

You were born in this world alone, you will die alone, so what’s stopping you from exploring the wonders of this world alone

It may sound a bit harsh but I mean this in the nicest way possible, I feel like people need to remember that you cannot rely on anybody but God and yourself. One of my realisations whilst travelling solo was that I was going to be fine by myself, and guess what I was, I met some beautiful people that I would now consider lifetime friends.

So GO ahead, take the leap, It’s time do real things by yourself, for yourself; If you have a place you’ve wanted to go. Don’t know anyone to go with, look no further, just do it, by yourself and travel solo.

What about yourself, would you ever travel solo, where?

Leave a comment in the description box, and let me know about your experience.

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Don’t TOUCH, Ask Q’s About MY HAIR

This is for the beautiful amazing black QUEENS out there in the corporate world that just want a new fresh hairstyle, but threat on how to deal with “those comments and questions” read more you will understand….

Warning you may want to apply a slight American dialect to this but I think regardless we all will appreciate!

Girls, girls, girllllls! I write this as I listen to Solonge – Don’t touch my hair! which I know y’all have listened too and can relate! If you haven’t then girlllll you better get on it! She speaks about our crown that they (you know who… and if you don’t you will) shouldn’t touch. I can’t tell you how sick, tired, annoyed but also slightly amused of feeling uncomfortable about doing my hair in different styles simply because of the working environment, my work colleagues in the past and present have put me in. I know, I know why should I care?! I shouldn’t but it’s hard when you go to work with that fresh new weave or those fresh new braids, or coinrows were you’re of course feeling yourself as you should; then you have someone ask you.

“Your hair looks nice, how do they make it like that”

“It’s very interesting how they make your hair like that”

“Do you wash your hair when it’s in the weave”

“Your hair looks like you have snakes on your head”

“How long do you have to sit still for … ohhh no I couldn’t do that”

“Do you think they could do my hair like that I have…..

LOOK listen let me just stop you right there!

YES! These statements and questions can get annoying!

Let me tell you my most recent story….

I went to work with a curly wig (I made it myself so I was quite pleased) picture below so you get the idea. People at work (you know what sort of people I am talking about). Yes non-black people told me my hair was nice and all that ish; I appreciated it, but then someone had the cheek to then turn around and tell me my hair looked springy! Like what does he mean SPRINGY??

LIKE girlssss you know when a black person says your hair looks nice there’s a difference to when a non-black person says your hair looks nice. They wanna know more! They wanna follow it up with a detailed explanation on how your hair magically got like that! Like Please!

That type of shit be getting on my nerves!

When this person allowed his mouth to open and tell me my hair looked springy! At that very moment I just wanted to have an Issa moment, you know where I rap and drop a base on how curly hair ain’t springy! (I would write the lyrics but I stink at rap!) Instead I politely smiled and let that one slide. No one wants an angry black woman in the office right?

Anyways, anyways let’s face it I could be here all day telling you what stupid, ignorant statements I’ve received after spending time and money (lots) may I just add… on making myself look presentable in this corporate environment. Ok I’m really doing it for that weekend outing that we all got planned (you know how it goes right right!)

In all of this rant, there was a reason why I brought y’all here.

(Mix that British and American dialect now ladies)

Well basically, I just felt like someone (me) needed to provide some tips on how us black beautiful, Nubian queens goddesses cause you know we be royalty! And yes you amazing non-black people (cause you can learn something here too) should deal with such annoying questions and statements! I only have a few tips, but I’m sure you girls will be able to share some tips on how you deal with this situation so please, please girls, comment let us all share our stories on how we be dealing with these comments!

Don’t touch my hair, don’t touch my soul! – Literally!

I know I already mentioned Solange song but it an actual statement that needs to be heard! Have even seen people (non-black people may I add) listen to dance and actually twerk to this song (yes you’ve all seen Miley Cyrus right?)

I keep drifting sorry…. my point is that I personally think it’s okay to tell your colleagues not to touch your hair. Why not? You don’t know where there hands been! I think it’s how you say it may be an issue, but heck if you don’t someone gonna touch your expensive Afro (yes our hair is expensive ladies) or that extra virgin weave/hair that payed a lot of money for so girl you better tell em “don’t touch my hair”

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The comments just let them slide!

Lord knows I have to turn a blind eye when these stupid comments come my way! I remember when I just got these fresh and I mean fresh Ghana braids! I was feeling myself to then hear my colleague tell me that I looked like I had “snakes on my head” yes ladies read it again!

I’m sorry! But black hair is beautiful. It’s a masterpiece! You’re a “masterpiece” – Jazmin Sullivan (I’m just quoting lyrics today, but it’s needed) and I don’t appreciate you telling me that I look like I have snakes on my head. This one is not really for us sisters this is one for you Caucasian people, but if you do get those comments just let that one side please!

“No I don’t have snakes on my head. My hair was looking BRAND NEW and those comments are a big no no, because when Kim K be rocking that hairstyle it’s no longer snakes it’s called stylish! Why?!”

These people (you know who I mean) don’t mean it.

Okay this one is for you and me. I generally don’t think they mean to be mean, rude or ignorant. They are merely interested. I would say intrigued and damn right nosey but hey! we are amazing exotic people to them so we must represent when we are in the corporate world and educate those that lack the knowledge and exposure to the real world. And if they don’t understand just remind them of what “culture appreciation” is because you and I know it’s real (sips tea).

Be comfortable/confident in your hair style!

Yes girl be the Nubian Queen that you are rock that style! Slayyyyyy your hair. We all know that a woman’s hair is her masterpiece, her crown but this is something I am still trying to work really with. I have been on and off natural for about 3/4 years now and I can honestly say I still lack the confidence to rock my hair out naturally. It sits under that wig!

It’s sad I know but it’s me being very honest with you and myself. I even find it difficult having a new weave colour or braids because I hate the annoying comments/questions that come with it…. and I know I’m not the only one, but I know that this is a process and in time I will be able to slaaaaayyyy.

I hope these tips help you guys and as I’ve said please share some of your stories and tips!

Like Solange sings

Don’t touch my hair
When it’s the feelings I wear
Don’t touch my soul
When it’s the rhythm I know
Don’t touch my crown
They say the vision I’ve found
Don’t touch what’s there
When it’s the feelings I wear
They don’t understand
What it means to me
Where we chose to go
Where we’ve been to know
They don’t understand
What it means to me
Where we chose to go
Where we’ve been to know
You know this hair is my shit
Rode the ride, I gave it time
But this here is mine
You know this hair is my shit
Rode the ride, I gave it time
But this here is mine
What you say, oh?
What you say to me?
Don’t touch my pride
They say the glory’s all mine
Don’t test my mouth
They say the truth is my sound
They don’t understand
What it means to me
Where we chose to go
Where we’ve been to know
They don’t understand
What it means to me
Where we chose to go
Where we’ve been to know
You know this hair is my shit
Rode the ride, I gave it time
But this here is mine
You know this hair is my shit
Rode the ride, I gave it time
But this here is mine
What you say, oh?
What you say to me?

Work With Me

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MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries : Coachella

Welcome to the first entry of the MyBreakingViews Travel Diaries. I took this idea from one my fave travel bloggers Wanderlust Calls, check out her Black Girl Travel Diaries!!

So why have I decided to choose Coachella? Well it’s simple it has been the only place that I have been that is real time. Let me explain, it has been the only place that I have been too that (except Nigeria) I have written about while I am still travelling. You know most of the time I come back home (England) reflect ask people what they would like me to write about – no one ever applies and so I write what I want.

I wanted to write this post in the real time because I wanted you to see how different and open I can be when I’m abroad. You may not see it through my writing or my video below but me telling you should be a start.

So here goes my first real time travel diaries – I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Please note I will be sharing old Travel Diaries but I wanted this to be the first.

See you soon…


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Coachella 2018 – What is it? Booking Flights, Festival Tickets & Hotel

I had planned to write while I was at Coachella (yeah – like that was ever going to happen). This was a very good idea at the time but then I realised I was enjoying myself way too much and just like that it turned out that I didn’t do a damn thing. Well, I did do something I ate good American food (Bubble Gum Shrimp try it), enjoyed the festival; gambled in Vegas; explored Arizona and caught a good old tan. (I do love catching a tan).

It’s been about a month since I went to Coachella and the reason why I haven’t written anything is simply that I have been debating what I should write about first. I asked my lovely followers what they wanted to hear first between Vegas and #Beychella!  I knew the answer was going to be Beychella, but I always like to hear from you guys first. It’s always important for me that I deliver content that you value!! I am pretty sure I will have to write a few articles about the festival itself, so if I haven’t covered everything you want to know, be sure to put your requests in the comments section below!

Since I have been back from America, the question I get asked is “how was COACHELLA” LOL! My immediate response is and always will be that “it was AMAZING”, because it if I’m honest it really was. Coachella in one word was amazing. Now don’t get me wrong there are several other words I can use to explain how the festival was, but I wanted MyBreakingViewers to be the first to know my actual initial thoughts. Now, before I get into the glitz and glam, I thought it would be good to give a personal overview of what Coachella is because I don’t expect everyone to know.

SIDE NOTE: Even if you do know what Coachella is, it may still be useful for you to read this section because I share some general tips for the event itself!

So, what is Coachella?

I like to think all my readers know what Coachella is, but if you don’t do not worry… because MyBreakingViews is going to explain it all to you….

Coachella is a huge festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio. The festival itself goes on for three days (Fri – Sun). There are two weekends, of which I attended the second week. People often have asked me was I prepared for the second week being that I saw the first week on social media. The answer to that my dear friends, is no. Watching the performances on social media, online whatever the platform, is completely different to experiencing it in person. Trust me!

YThe event has different artist perform at different stages, the Coachella stage being the main stage for headliners (on this occasion it was artists like The Weeknd, Kygo, Beyoncé, Eminem, Cardi B etc.)  All other artists are spread around the polo ground. (To give you a more visual idea, for those of you that live in the UK – its like a 3-day Wireless concert but with lots of heat!)

How was Coachella?

As I said before the event was AMAZING. I was in 45 degrees heat daily (I adore the sun). I saw most of my fave artist, was able to explore LA for the first time. Catch a bus to Vegas for a few days and see the famous Grand Canyon.

Coachella provided me with so many opportunities. This of course was only because I wasn’t about to take an 11-hour flight for just the weekend. BUT and there is always a BIG but… I must be honest with my readers and tell you that the event is also extremely exhausting!!! You are constantly on your feet for 6-9 hours a day (this can be dancing, walking to another stage for the next performance). Not to mention you are on the desert, so when the sand starts to blow around your breathing this in and to make matters worst you are dehydrated because of the heat. Tip.. make sure to have something that covers your face like a bandana.

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#MyBreakingViews… ??✈️

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This, of course, is honestly not to put you off, I would never want to that because it really is a lifetime experience that I would recommend for anyone to go too. We have to enjoy ourselves and create long-lasting memories. The performances where just OH MY GOSH I saw The Weeknd (old time fave), Daniel Ceaser, SZA, Khalid (my new crush), Kygo, Ibeyi, Migos, Miguel, HAIM, 6LACK, Cardi B not to mention the incredible Beyonce!!!

Booking Coachella….

I purchased my ticket on 5th January 2018. I’m not sure when the next sale date will be but I will keep an eye out. I had no single idea what I was doing next LOL. People think I plan my holidays … I wish I did, I would most properly save a considerable amount of money! I honestly just do things on a whim and hope for the absolute best and usually, I get that!  *Clean hearts always win*

Anyways, I must remind myself not to drift!!

The festival ticket cost me around $504 dollars (I can’t remember the exact figure sorry guys!) which roughly worked out around £373. The tickets without the shuttle bus sold out quickly (but are cheaper). Second tip guys…. if you are going to organise your own travel, my advice to you would get on the website on time and have more than one person looking! The website is straight forward but the tickets sell fast. I met people that got a taxi of Uber from Palm Springs, which worked out around $40 dollars a day. If you know someone that can drive then this could also work out, but then you must think about who’s going to drive and parking etc.

Shuttle Bus

I know the shuttle bus picks people up from Los Angeles, but as I was staying in Palm Springs; it’s something you would have to research. LA is quite far from Indio, so I would suggest staying close to the festival as possible. After walking 6 hours in 35 – 40 degrees you are completely exhausted, and your feet are in so much pain. Word of advice ladies wear comfy shoes! I saw ladies in heels which is a a big NO NO! And when I say comfy, don’t go and buy Dr Martens like me 2 days prior your leavening date, thinking you can rock them all day.  It does NOT work!!

I ended up purchasing the ticket with the shuttle bus, which in my opinion worked out well because we had a shuttle bus that picked us up every day, dropped us back home and it was only an 8 min walk from our hotel! I liked the shuttle bus because it was another expense that I didn’t have to think about, whilst you’re out there you must think about buying food and importantly staying hydrated, which is another expense. I also met some lovely people on the bus, which was nice and with a British accent, it’s always very easy to make friends.

Booking Flights…

You would never believe that it didn’t occur to me that I would need to buy clothes, book a hotel and yeah of course FLIGHTS. You guys know how much I love Skyscanner right? If you don’t get to know. I have used them for pretty much every holiday I have gone too. They should really start paying me!

I was able to get a fight for £480 which was good considering I didn’t book my flight until two weeks prior to the event. Hey, now before you judge me… I’m very when it comes to flying out. I was also contemplating if I should go because of the expense, but  I realised if I booked earlier I would have said saved so much money. Another tip… if I was you, I would book my flight in Feb I saw flights for £250 pounds just didn’t purchase because I thought I could get it cheaper. Guys get that barging quick!


There are lots of other websites to use for cheap flights read MyBreakingViews 10 Travel Hacks in Seeing The World” I’ve mentioned some websites that are good for flight booking! You can thank me later

I would also suggest planning where else you are going to go… depending where you are coming from that is. If you are coming from outside America, you are looking at a 6 -12  flight, so its worth exploring LA or other states around the West Coast. I went to Vegas and Arizona for a few days (route 66), but I will save the stories for another post. Can’t give everything away, now can I?

Booking The Hotel…

My friend pre-booked the hotel and we paid when we got there. We stayed in Courtyard by Marriott Palm Springs, which was about 40 mins drive from Indio. I met people that camped, but I personally wouldn’t camp in such heat. I like to take my make up off, have a nice shower and have a bed at the end of the night. That is just me. You may want to camp, but I don’t think it’s any cheaper.

There are also Airbnb options, which I know a few people also used. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting kicked out or worst case the booking gets cancelled last min. I’m sorry I need a bed, so I can’t afford for such events!! I would say, it’s best to agree where you want to stay with whoever you are going with, then agree how far you want to be from the festival, then work out the costs and book from there.

Please note. that although the event itself is quite an expense; it’s not always the best option to go for the cheapest method. I much rather comfortability. I didn’t realise how drained I would be from walking around all day. So, take the advice that you will need to re-charge.

I hope I’ve answered most of questions and if I haven’t, be sure to leave a comment below and I will make sure another post answers your questions!

In the meantime, SHARE YOUR TIPS!!! Is there any festivals you’ve been to that you can suggest to MyBreakingViews.

I love to hear from you all.


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