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Tales from Lagos -an IJGB’s Version | Nigerians Travel Too

See original article here – Tales from Lagos -an IJGB’s Version 

NTT: Do you feel like Nigeria is home? 

MBV: Yes and No. When I go to Nigeria, I do feel like I am home. It’s a weird feeling though. I belong as regards my skin colour- I’m black and the majority of the people in Nigeria are black so that really feels like home. I enjoy the food, Yam and Egg for breakfast to be exact! (Could literally eat this for breakfast everyyyy dayyyyliterarily!) Egusi and pounded yam for lunch and my cousin makes this amazing Indomie noodles with peppers and other ingredients, so I would have that for dinner.

I ENJOY the sunshine! And I love just feeling like I am home. Nigeria is funny because when you are there there’s a sort of “Wooow everyone looks like me” (Well, kind of) and then I open my mouth to speak and then you see it- You see how they look at you differently. I know the locals know I’m not Nigerian. They usually call me Queen of America – which is always amusing and annoying because I’ve never lived in America.


I’m British born and bred. So I know that they don’t know where I’m from, but they know I’m from abroad. They know that I’m not really one of them. They give you a look like yeah this one ‘Just Got Back’ which I believe is a thing now? #IJGB A.K.A I Just Got Back! They know that I am not one of them and in that moment I speak, I am reminded that I’m not really home. In my head, I pretend that I’m home and that’s usually up to 3 weeks and my time is up!

So do I feel like I am home when I visit Nigeria? Yes and no again. I’m in a place that I wish was better, more socially acceptable, shined as much as it should because Nigeria has so much going for her. I wish I could call it my home but really and truly, I know I have to swallow the hard pill and accept that it’s not really ever been my home and most likely never will be.

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Nigerian Sunshine Suits Me. ☀️??

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NTT: What issues infuriate you about Nigeria?

MBV: What doesn’t infuriate a fellow Nigerian about Nigeria? The last time I visited, I was there for my cousin’s wedding #MayD2017, which was in Lagos and then I decided to stay for Christmas. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed in Lagos. I usually stay in Delta state which is another ball game compared to Lagos. Delta for those of us who have never been is very quiet and civilised compared to Lagos.

Anyway, there was petrol scarcity, not to mention the traffic. As much as I could see this infuriate my cousins, I don’t believe it affected me as much, because they ensured that I was still able to go out and have fun. One thing I noticed was that Uber fares had gone up because of the petrol scarcity, but being from the UK, I think the taxi fares were still considerably cheaper when compared to London prices. The only thing that really really really infuriated me and yes I have to say “really” 4 times because it’s the only thing that drives me mad – is mosquito bites!! Oh my gosh! They’re devils! (I feel like they are secretly plotting for my next return as I write this LMAO!) I truly believe the mosquitoes in Nigeria are on steroids; they love my blood. I’m sure it’s “fresh blood” for them as the locals call it when they see my bites! Truly, the marks they leave on my skin are on another level. I literally complained everyday about mosquitoes! It must have driven my family mad!

The ultimate winner ..

NTT: What challenges do you face when relating with locals?

MBV: I don’t feel like I have faced any real hard challenges when relating with locals to be honest. When I hear the stories that my cousins tell me, I know I haven’t faced anything to be honest, but I do know that once they hear me speak, they think they can try and bump prices. I know most of us can agree. Luckily enough, most of us come from a home where we know how to bargain, so I know when to use it and that time is always in Nigeria. However, sometimes I can allow it, other times, I have to let them know that I drink garri and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner back home (home being the UK). The best way to get around having to deal with locals is knowing roughly the prices that things should be.

I remember visiting Nigeria a few years ago, I wanted wash my hair. Me being a typical observer I asked my aunt before I left the house how much it should be to wash my hair and she gave me a rough figure of no more than N500. I got to the closest salon and the woman told me N2500. I turned around to leave and she begged me; asked how much I was willing to pay and I said N600. Guess what? She was absolutely fine with the payment and she even styled my hair! The cheek! To be honest I don’t blame them. They clearly hear my accent and think I’m rich LOOOOL, which I will be of course!

NTT: What spots would you recommend as must visit in Lagos?

MBV: There are so many spots for one to hang at in Lagos. I’m afraid in Nigeria, the only thing I know is partying and eating Egusi soup! I also love Afro-beat a bit too much actually and for some reason, Afro-beat sounds much sweeter in Nigeria – you know with the heat and everyone there is just so gingered LOL!

No honestly, I went to the Lekki Conservation Centre with a friend, which was absolutely amazing. I would go there again. There are beautiful animals, a tree house and the Longest Canopy walk in Africa!! My cousin also took me to Takwa Bay beach, which was quite an experience indeed. There are lots of beaches and sites to see, so I know I still have plenty to do when next I’m there. Nigeria is an amazing man!

NTT: Any life hacks for IJGB

MBV: Any life hacks for #IJGB babes? not really, just enjoy life! Go out every night when you are there, turn up and enjoy the sunshine. Carry some mosquito repellent though.

Turn up at every given opportunity

Thank you to Ade (My Breaking Views) for an honestly beautiful interview, I can definitely relate!

My over all hack for IJGBs is to always have some change on you (lower denominations) because nobody ever  has change. They play this game so often you realise later that you’re parting away with your money because you just need to get back on the road. I paid a taxi man in his own coin and he ‘never esperedit’.

I had a 200 naira change with him and he told me he had only 100 naira. I luckily had 150 naira and offered him. Within a twinkle of an eye he produced my 200 naira. It was okay for him to take my 100 naira but it wasn’t alright for him to part away with his 50 naira! Imagine! Always prepare for your visits to Nigeria, You can never be too prepared!

For what you can get up to in Nigeria, stay glued for our next post. You’ll be inspired.

For travel plan support as an IJGB, please talk to us for a trouble free trip-

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My 6 Thoughts On What Makes A Good Friend.

What actually makes a good friend? Read below on My 6 Thoughts On What Makes A Good Friend.

1. Listen to your friends

Please note this may not apply to everyone. I’ve witnessed people do the absolute opposite. But thankfully I’m not friends with them, so I’m ok. 

No seriously, do you listen to your friends? Do your friends listen to you? Sometimes I can get so caught up in myself that I forget to actually just listen to my friends and find out how they are and what have they been doing – even if they haven’t done anything. 

2. Honesty

 Oh my gosh, this is a big one. I’ve had people that I classified as friends in the past and thought that they had been honest with me. Nah, actually I knew when they lied and that’s why we are no longer friends. Honesty is a huge factor in friendship. If you don’t have it you have to ask yourself why? Why are you not honest with each other. 

3. Loyalty

 This is also of huge importance for me. I need to trust your loyalty. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when this is tested but I have to know you are very a loyal person, seriously. I am very careful when I meet people. I find myself testing them (unconsciously). If my spirit doesn’t take to them, then I just don’t trust them. It’s not foolproof but it’s a good start.

  4. Respect

Respect or the lack of it is a major sign for things to come in any relationship.  A person who does not respect you enough or not at all is telling you that he or she places little or no value on you! ……and what happens to things of little or no value? They end up in the trash bin! So if you hang around such people, don’t be surprised when they start treating you like trash!

5. Personal Space 

I always need my space. I crave for it and luckily I have good friends who understand and respect that. In the past, I’ve met people who didn’t like it and take it completely the wrong way but it’s about understanding someone’s personality and recognising that we are all different in some ways. It’s about understanding your friends.

6. Forgiveness 


This is something I have learnt the hard way, seriously. Forgiveness is so important. There’s so much power in forgiveness. People do make mistakes and if you can forgive them, it can sometimes make the relationship stronger and better. There are people who may no longer even be your friends but just forgiving them for their wrongdoings towards you is the peace of mind for you; release for them. 

Believe me, Try the 6 guidelines above.

Now I am not an expert in relationships or making friends. I promise you, but I have seen several people come and go; and I can finally confidently say that I have been blessed with the most loyal and trustworthy people around me, thank God!

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The Best And Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel

What have been the best and worst airlines for holiday travel?

I think it is fair to say that I have received substantial air miles in the last 7 years. When I lived in Singapore and travelled around South East Asia, I wasn’t aware that I could collect air miles so if it’s something you haven’t started doing, then get on it!

Unfortunately, I never stick to one particular airline in order to collect air miles and I always go for the cheap and cheerful,  so I don’t really get to experience air-mile privileges, but I am sure I will sometime in the future.

I have flown with so many different airlines; and like you, I have faced many different experiences with these airlines. I thought it might be a good idea to share my best airlines and my worst airlines with MyBreakingViewers.

Before we proceed further, let me state clearly that this is not to discourage you from flying from the airlines I’ve mentioned. You may, in fact, have a different experience to me with the airlines so of course do please share with me.

Singapore Airlines

Hahaha, of course, I have to mention this airline. This has to be the BEST airline that I’ve had the pleasure of flying on. I will explain why…. back in 2013, I was a baby to flying around the world. I had been to less than five countries and decided that I HAD to take a direct flight because I had never taken an indirect flight by myself and I didn’t want to miss my flight (trust me there have been close calls in the past).

Anyways, …. drifting off as I always tend to do…. the flight to Singapore from London was spectacular!  It was 12 hours and 40 mins (which seems hella long). At the time, I didn’t remember feeling it. This might be because I was soo excited to be leaving the UK for 7 months to live in a HOT country. First, they departed on time – which is always, always a brownie point for me. Then they also arrived on time; customer service was decent, the food was pretty good for flight standards and I was able to have a little snooze; considering I never sleep on flights, this is amazing.

And oh yes, they had Wi-Fi – which has to be the most amazing thing for me. Me and Wi-Fi are absolute besties.

best airlines

British Airways…

I’ve flown British Airways a few times now – Nigeria, Marbella and Amsterdam – which has always been surprisingly pleasant. (I need to seriously consider collecting air miles here) Unfortunately, flying to Nigeria, they didn’t depart on time, but other times they have departed on time. The food again was good and they seemed to understand some Nigerians who bring 6 blue bags plus their 10kg suitcases. LOOOL Trust me, it’s an actual thing and if you’ve been to Nigeria in the last few years, you would have seen it yourself. All the same, they always seem to be quite accommodating.


A very nice airline – good movies, departed on time, the food was ok and I do remember the service being quite nice. I have only flown with them once though when going to Dubai. The flights to the Middle East always seem to be nicer. It was a pleasant trip, to be honest with you and I would much welcome anyone who has flown with them, to share their experience because I don’t remember much about them having a huge impact on me.

emirates airline

Delta Airlines / Virgin Airlines

Again only done a few flights with them and that has always been to the United States or Nigeria.

These airlines are usually cheap and cheerful – if you book in good time, and I mean 3 months before you travel. What I love about these airlines is that their movies seem to be pretty decent… I mean you can never go wrong with the latest Fast and Furious?


Ok, we are now moving on towards the worst airlines…. Sorry, there was a time I had an indirect flight with KLM to Nigeria. On the way there, I had nothing to worry about because KLM decided to go on strike and gave me British Airways.

On my way back, it was another ball game entirely. I landed in PARIS-CHARLES DE GAULLE and had to find my own way (own money) to the other airport to get a connecting flight home! It may have been a misread for myself, but I have noticed that when you book an indirect flight, make sure you know what Airport the connecting flight is departing from. KLM clearly wrote ‘AIRPORT CHANGE’ – which suggests it hasn’t just been me that missed the memo.


Etihad Airways

Horrible! is the best way I can explain this airline. So disorganised I couldn’t believe how angry it made me. I would like to consider myself quite the organised type, well to some degree… Always check-in-online and did this for Etihad. When I then arrived at the airport, I had to join a queue which was longer than my contact list!

Do you know what they had decided to do? They had decided that there wasn’t going to be the usual ‘bag drop’ service for people who had already checked in online! There were soooo many complaints from customers. The airline seemed not to understand the concept of why people earlier checked in online. This was so annoying because I wasn’t able to do the duty-free shopping which I wanted to do but had to rush to board the plane. Oh and to top that off, the plane departed LATE!!!

I will never fly with them again!!!

Air Asia

One of the worst airlines I have ever flown within my life! Although, they may have improved by now… doubt it. If you have travelled within South East Asia, you will understand me I’m sure. To be fair they are quite similar to Ryan Air which is also a horrible airline but cheap. I would say they are that cheap for a reason, but for me, I don’t think just because an airline is cheap they shouldn’t depart on time.

I remember flying back from Cambodia to Singapore and I just was so over them. They made me so angry I began to cry – that’s how delayed the flights where! I mean I was slightly younger then and had a tendency to throw big tantrums. Oh yes; and no food, no Wi-Fi, no luggage access (unless you pay for it).

WOW air

I flew with them when I went to Iceland and because Iceland was such an amazing place, I couldn’t really complain about the airline. However, I have noticed that when you are returning from your holiday, you want things to run smoothly. This didn’t quite happen I’m afraid. I remember my flight was in the very early hours of the morning at like 8 am. And yes, I did wake up at 6 am to get to the airport – only to realise that my flight had been delayed until after 10 am! I was clearly not impressed. What is even worse was that I was so ready to make a complaint (you know you can do this after 3 hours delay right? And get your money back) but the flight was only delayed by two hours… SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!

A pretty decent airline – without the flight delay

wow airlines

Air China

The absolute Worst ever airline I have ever flown with! Where does one even begin! I am sure I have already told you all about my suitcase affair! I arrived in Singapore with no suitcase to be told my suitcase was still in Bejing. What?? The food wasn’t great and the movie selection wasn’t the best I’ve seen. To make matters worse, I had a terrible argument with someone on the way back home!

Air Cananda

I had said that Air China was the worst airline I had travelled with and that still stands. I, unfortunately, was unable to travel with Air Canada due to unforeseen circumstances – COVID19. Despite EU Laws Air Canada are refusing to refund me my flights and have only said they will refund me after I have paid a cancellation fee of £160! Their services have been sickening. I am unable to get through to them via phone which has been incredibly frustrating. I think after the pandemic is over I will strongly think again about the airlines I book with.

I think I could be here forever, complaining about airlines to be quite frank, but honestly, I would be here forever.

What about you? What airlines do you hate? Which airlines would you recommend?

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None of the pictures are my own they are taken from Google Images. 

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My first award: Liebster Award!

I can’t Thank God enough! Last day of the first month and I’m so excited to announce that I have been awarded the Liebster Award! This is my first reward that I have received for my blog and hopefully the first of many. I want to say a BIG Thanks to WanderlustCalls for the nomination. Make sure to show her inspirational travel blog some love!


Liebster is the German word for dearest. The award itself started back in 2011 and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The aim of the Liebster Award is to welcome and recognise the work of new bloggers.


1. What is your top goal for your blog in 2017?

Oh woow. There is so much I would like to do with my blog this year, but I think my top goal would be to enjoy the journey and get myself connected with other bloggers because I haven’t done this in the past. I also would also like to collaborate my blog with my YouTube channel which is due to come out soon!

Overall, I hope to expand MyBreakingViews Platform!!

2. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I think the most favourite thing I enjoy about my blog is how I can now connect with a wider range of other blogs and people.

3. What would you say is your best quality?

Hmmm… this is a difficult one but I would say that my best quality is I am extremely ambitious and I always go the extra mile to do my best!

4. What was your favourite blog post that you wrote?

Hmmm…. this is another tricky one I must admit! I love all my posts! No I am joking!
I would say my most favourite post to date has been Why Let Society Dictate When You Get Married?” – have a read!!

This post was about society and cultural pressures in forcing women to get married, but not placing the same pressures of men! It touches on my favourite author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Love her!

5. How many countries have you visited and which one was your favourite and why?

To date I believe I have visited 32 countries and I would say Singapore is my fave country.

Now I lived in Singapore for half a year (in 2013) on a study exchange programme, in myfinal year of University/College. So, Singapore became my second home, I laughed, cried and got angry in this Lion City. It also is an incredibly clean country due to its strict rules and zero tolerance to littering. I have a mad good friends that I am still in contact with today!

It was an amazing place to visit and live in!

6. What are your top three travel destinations for 2017?

Oh no! Well this year I haven’t got any travel destinations I am taking a step back. I want to do some saving! Highly doubt it will last though I will be most likely travelling to the States – Texas and New York, Peru and Greece!

I am a firm believer of travelling a New Country every year – check out the post!

7. What inspired you start blogging?

I remember reading Abena Kusi blog back in 2013 when I just got back from my travels – still had the “Miss International” name then. It was Abenas blogs believe it or not that inspired me to start a travel blog but because I felt that I should have written the blog when I was travelling it failed miserably!

Then in July 2015 I realised that I wanted to start blogging again properly on politics because I truly believed that young needed to have a platform to express their own political view. However, due to family issues and work commitments I fell of the edge again and didn’t stay on top of my blogging.

Third time lucky! I was encouranged by a good friend to get back into blogging and decided to come back with a BANG! Since then I have opened my platform to blog about everything from politics, my faith to travelling with some aspect of my lifestyle.

8. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2016?

Oh, this is an easy one! My decision to get closer to God and build a serious relationship with him! Because God is so wonderful!

9. What would be your top tip for someone considering starting a blog?

My top tips to start blogging would be to Go for it! It is never too late and always stay consistent!

10. What’s your life motto?

Hmmm… Interesting question my Auntie Lola has said I should have a life motto and end my post with it so here goes:

It’s ok if life knocks you down, it’s just not ok if you stay down!


The Christyle Blogger

A Christian and lifestyle blog. Recommended reads: “My Friends Don’t Support Me”and “Forgiveness = Freedom!”

Blonde Moments Daily

A blog to about relationships with occasional dabbles on other issues. Recommended reads: “Teach your children life” and “Why we don’t listen to our own advice”

Abena Kusi

A personal blog addressing everyday issues that women face. Recommended reads: “Obama do black lives matter? and “Travel Diaries in Thailand ”

Perspective View

A personal blog about her journal thoughts, adventures and experiences. Recommended reads: “My Kind of Happiness – 50 Things that make me happy” and “2017: The Best Year Yet”

Leanne Lindsay

A freelance blogger and coach and mentor. Recommended reads “We all have our part to play” and 7 benefits of writing a journal

Well done all! Let’s keep this going GET YOU Liebster Award BY FOLLOWING THE QUESTIONS BELOW.

Your Questions (drum roll please) :

1. What is your blog about and what made you start blogging?
2. What do you find most challenging about blogging?
3. What do you love about your blog?
4. What has been your favourite country visited and why?
5. What political issue needs to be spoken more about? #MyBreakingViews
6. What would you like to achieve with your blog in 2017?
7. Have you ever lived abroad? If so, where? If not, where would you live?
8. Who inspires you the most and why?
9. What is your fave food from your country?
10. Do you have any networking events planned this year?

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I was born in North London but grew up in a little village outside Swindon so a country girl at heart but city girl by nature as I moved back to London when I was 16. I studied International Politics at Kings College London which was disappointing for me as I really wanted to get back out of London as I was always bullied for my strong “farm accent” but I was blessed enough to attend a fantastic University that allowed me to spend a semester living in Singapore where I was able to travel all South East Asian Countries and Australia.

What am I? Am I Nigerian?

I would say I would consider myself more British than Nigerian- I know no one likes that but my parents are different tribes; Mum–Igbo and Dad–Yoruba and annoyingly they decided to speak English to my brother and me as we grew up so I’ve never been able to speak either and I can just about understand Igbo (when my mum’s angry). I’ve also lived in the U.K. all my life so it is what I know most.

Being Nigerian can and will always have its stereotypes that do put Nigerians in a bad light, but I know that will never affect me from getting to the top. I have always been a motivated individual and I believe that success is in anyone that actually wants it. It’s easy to let people put you down because of your identity, but it’s up to the individual to actually let them. I make sure that Nigerians are represented in a good light by showing my work ethic and let’s face it Nigerians are widely know to be extremely hard workers.

 “Not to know the good we have Till time has stolen the cherish’d gift away, Is cause of half the misery that we feel, And makes the world the wilderness it is.”

I live by Nigerian Proverbs – for me, success is something you know you have achieved for yourself and only for you. You have to really know what you want for yourself and do it and that is success! It can be as small as tidying your room to being as big as changing the world. I say this because a lot of my generation are now measuring success to what they see on social media and whilst it may prompt you it is not going to be yours – make your own success your own that’s when it becomes special because if it’s not yours, it only causes misery when you don’t get it.

One of my biggest achievements for me is building my relationship with God – I am nowhere near perfect, but I am certainly no longer looking at it from a religion perspective more as a relationship that I am consistently building every day and that can be anything from reading the word, writing in my journal about what I learnt and most importantly speaking to Christ daily.

This year, my main success story was launching my website/blog I had recently started writing about this and then stopped due to major family issues. Also, I realised I wanted to do my website properly for myself. I decided to relaunch and make a conscious effort to do something that I’m passionate about. The idea of MyBreakingViews is for young people to use the website as a platform to express their own political views – so anything that they see in their local community.

My visions are for my website to become well known internationally and to channel a news show for my website for young people. My channel would not just talk about hard-core politics but would talk about real life issues that affect young people – a place for young people to understand what they can do about political situations.

I have just applied for my Masters woop!! Hopefully, I can start that very soon and I will be taking other courses to enhance my website creating skills. At the moment I am heavily involved with my charity called SE1 United – which helps young people in the poorest communities. I will also be starting my mentoring/tutoring for young within my charity which I started at the age of 16 and called Homework Club.

I am nowhere near where I want to be. I am daily making steps with the Lord and I know through him all things are great and all things are possible – just believe in the spirit.

I have been working hard on application forms for Masters but I still need to consider if it’s going to be worth my while. I am doing my best to be consistent with my blog and gaining tips from networking with different people. I am also constantly looking at other infinitive ways on how I can improve my network and vision so lots of planning in the next year and new things to come of MyBreakingViews.

I remain prayerful and motivate myself into keeping on track with what I am doing and involving myself with lots of different projects – which will hopefully push me out there a little more.

I believe that it is my background that has pushed me to work harder. I used to be very relaxed and unsure about what I wanted to do – but as I grew older I realised that it was important to set an example for my siblings and to strive to eradicate the stereotypes that are placed so heavily on young black people. I want it all and I choose to receive the good things – I believe I have a bright future because that’s what I speak with God daily and bit by bit it slowly unfolds.

Travelling has been one of my unique experiences. Doing a study exchange in Singapore was very different for me and for the locals in Singapore. I loved it because I was able to learn a new culture embrace other cultures and most importantly gain friends that travel and live worldwide!!

I want to definitely be remembered as a woman of God. I believe if I can be remembered for that I have surely succeeded in everything I’ve hoped and prayed for.

Advice: Be you, don’t hide yourself in front of people, be you always – there are too many people in this world that will applaud your faults and not your success. Ensure that you listen to God when he applauds you because that’s all that matters.

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I’m Not Dumb, I’m Dyslexic

This post focuses on being dyslexic. Please note that you may see a number of grammatical errors in this post. The point is to show you what words can be seen difficult to spell and how easy it is to mistake you’re and your.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with writing, spelling, short term memory and reading, and it’s believed to affect more than 17% of the population.

Last month was National Dyslexia week and I wrote a post for my collegues on batteling with Dyslexia. It received a huge response and I thought I should write something similar for my readers!

I have never been as open as I should have on being dyslexic as people do honest believe it is an excuse, that you are lying and you’re just lazy! When I started blogging I knew this was going to be a major setback but I always had a passion for making a difference so decided that I was going to write – blog/vlog do whatever I wanted because I wanted too! I am very lucky that I have friends and family who are always so open to helping me. Biggest shout out to my Auntie Lolz!

Telling friends, family or even collegues that I’m dyslexic can be extremely challenging at the best of times. There are collegues that take it really well and do their best to actually do something about it – you know the simple things like offering guidance and support or simply making themselves aware of your dyslexia or dyspraxia, whilst others can take it really badly. Some think you’re lazy or dumb or they simply believe that your claiming a title that’s none existent! I’ve had managers and teachers in the past that I told that I was dyslexic and have completely ignored it even with a written assessment.

My story

I’m sure we all have some stories to tell, on how our colleagues and even loved ones take it when we tell them we suffer from dyslexia or dyspraxia. It can be quite difficult because some people just don’t have any idea what it’s like and because of this some people suffer in silence.

Dyslexia varies from person to person; the main thing I struggle with are my spelling which can be extremely frustrating! I sometimes spell “apologise” wrong and I am not sure if I have spelt it correctly now. I feel like I have quite a good vocabulary, but because of my spelling I choose simpler words. I also find it extremely difficult to structure a sentence clearly and in the world of policy this can be extremely difficult.

I’ve learnt to focus on what I am good at. I defo have a voice and passion to use it hence the birth of MyBreakingViews!! I have always had a passion for helping people to be better and do better and I believe I still can! Here’s to me being back for good! It was a long break but well worth it!

I think if you have a slight feeling that you may suffer from dyslexia or dyspraxia – or you know someone who does – you should definitely contact me for more info. I am not an expert but I can certainly provide some guidance.

Think you may be dyslexic? Find out more info now. In the meantime have a read – Don’t TOUCH, Ask Q’s About MY HAIR

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