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Hello and welcome to My Breaking Views. My name is Adebola,  a country bumpkin from Swindon that now lives in London. I was recently announced as one of Tomorrows Travel Leader of 2020 and I absolutely love travelling. 

Travelling has always given me a sense of escape; an escape from reality and some time to recharge and reflect. When I’m away, I’m not fulfilling expectations. I am living for myself; I am running into the sea; I am going paragliding, and I am living for me and no one else. Travelling teaches me about who I am as a person, the person I aspire to be, and the goals I’d like to achieve next. 

It allows me the time and space to take a bird’s eye view on my life. People don’t realise that they often make heat-of-the-moment decisions based on situations they are in and that different—sometimes better– choices could be made if they took a step back. I have become stronger as a traveller; in the end, I have become My Breaking Views.

With My Breaking Views, I want to share not only my travels but more of myself; I want to share tools, tips and tricks to get more people to move abroad and explore this beautiful earth. I have also opened a lifestyle page, where I will be sharing other aspects of my life outside of travel—a tough feat for a private person like myself, but I want this space to be a place where my truth can be shared.

I’ m also 1/2 of Black Travel Creators: a community for black bloggers, YouTubers and Podcasters. It’s a platform built for travel creators to connect, share stories while networking with brands and other travellers. 

With this space, I hope to create events, travels and more. Check us out on Instagram and Twitter @BTravelCreators 

Hopefully, My Breaking Views will encourage you to escape your comfort zone and taste foods from around the world.  I hope the new lifestyle feature of this blog will push you to create your own rules and expectations for your own life and show you that we are all trying to live our lives in this world.

 This is me: #MyBreakingViews and #BTravelCreators.